Can You Juice Lime Scooters With Solar? We Tried It.

Introducing Lime Scooters

Lime Scooters are an electric scooter rental service that has been made available in various major cities. This eco-friendly mode of public transit does not require any special infrastructure. Users can simply unlock the scooters using a dedicated app and ride them to their desired locations. Once the scooter runs out of battery, it requires charging, which is where the Lime company’s “juicers” come in.

Becoming a Lime Scooter Juicer

Lime has created a network of individuals, called juicers, who are responsible for picking up electric scooters with depleted batteries, charging them, and placing them back in designated areas. This is an interesting opportunity for those with off-grid solar power setups, such as those from Renogy, to generate extra income while using freely generated electricity.

To become a juicer, you must first sign up with Lime and receive their power bricks, which are 42-volt lithium-ion battery chargers. Once approved, you gain access to Lime’s app, which allows you to locate, unlock, and collect scooters in need of recharging. You have until 7 am the following day to charge the scooter and return it to its designated hub.

Charging Lime Scooters with Your Off-Grid Solar Power System

To charge a Lime scooter, connect the power brick to the scooter’s charger, and plug it into a power source — in this case, your off-grid solar system. In our example, we use a Renogy off-grid solar system that generates 180 watts of free electricity during optimal sun conditions.

The charging process requires approximately 80 watts, 120 volts, which is well within the solar system’s capacity. As a result, the process of charging the scooter does not run down the battery.

Charging the scooter takes a few hours. Once completed, you can return it to a designated Lime hub. You are compensated depending on the complexity of the pickup and other factors. For example, picking up a scooter, charging it, and returning it to a hub could potentially earn you around $7. If you can fit multiple scooters in your car, you could increase your income potential.

A Unique Use for Off-Grid Solar Power

Charging Lime scooters as a juicer is an interesting and eco-friendly way to make extra income using free electricity generated by an off-grid solar power system. You can help support the growth of sustainable public transportation while benefiting from the free, renewable energy harnessed by your solar power system.

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Key Takeaways

  • Lime scooters are a great way to do public transit without having to invest in infrastructure for the city.
  • The Lime company has created an army of people called juicers who pick up the scooters and charge them.
  • You can use your off-grid solar system to charge the scooters for free.
  • The power brick for the scooter is a 42 volt lithium ion battery charger.
  • The scooter needs about 80 watts and 120 volts of power to charge.
  • You are compensated depending on the complexity of the pickup.