Free Water For Plants From AC Condensation Drain. We Tested It.


Are you interested in conserving water and saving money on your garden? One great way to achieve both is by recycling water from your air conditioner’s condensation drain. This is especially helpful during a drought, like the one California experienced for several years.

Here, every effort to conserve water made a real difference. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can easily recycle water from your air conditioner and use it for watering your garden, saving both money and precious resources.

Here’s a video we made about the process.

Step One: Locate the Condensation Drain

First, find the condensation drain from your air conditioner. This can usually be found on the back of your house, and it’s where the condensation generated by your air conditioner drains away. Normally, this water is just wasted as it’s drained onto the ground.

Step Two: Capture the Water

To begin recycling this water, simply place a bucket beneath the condensation drain. As the air conditioner runs, it will generate a constant stream of condensation, which is removed from the air inside your house as the air conditioner lowers the humidity.

Instead of allowing this water to flow onto the ground, capture it in the bucket you’ve placed under the drain. Leave the bucket in place for about 15 minutes or longer, depending on how much water you’d like to collect.

Step Three: Water Your Garden

After the bucket has been collecting water for your desired amount of time, you’ll notice a substantial amount of water has accumulated. This water, which would have otherwise been wasted, can now be used to water your garden.

Simply take the bucket and pour the water over the plants in your garden. Even after just five minutes of running the air conditioner, you’ll have a good amount of water for your plants. On a hot day when you’re running the air conditioner for several hours, you’ll be able to collect a significant amount of water.

Benefits of Recycling Air Conditioner Water

Not only is this method a way to save money on your water bill, but it also helps during times of drought when water is scarce. By recycling the water from your air conditioner, you’re reusing something that would otherwise be wasted, and conserving drinkable water for other essential uses.

Stay tuned for future posts where we’ll discuss how much water you can generate in a day and other automated ways to distribute this water to your garden. If you found this information helpful, subscribe to our channel and share this post with your friends and family. Happy recycling!

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Key Takeaways

  • You can recycle water from your home air conditioning condensation drain to water your garden, which is especially helpful during a drought.
  • Capturing the condensation water instead of allowing it to flow onto the ground will save drinkable water that is scarce in certain climates.
  • In future videos, the channel will explore how much water can be generated in a day and automated ways to distribute it back to the garden.