How to Remove the Pad From Your Swiffer Wetjet. My Easy Trick.


Have you ever struggled with removing the dirty pad from your Swiffer Wet Jet after cleaning? You’re not alone. Many people are a bit unclear about how to take the pad off without having to touch the soiled surface.

I’m Tom from DIY Life Tech, and I’m here to show you a simple method for taking off that dirty pad without getting your hands dirty.

Understanding the Swiffer Wet Jet Pad Fastener

First, it’s important to understand how the pad is attached to the Swiffer Wet Jet. Unlike the traditional Swiffer, where bits of the pad come up onto the top and get cinched in, the Wet Jet has a different fastening mechanism. The Wet Jet pad is held in place by a small Velcro-like fastener that can be easily released if you know the right technique.

Effortless Removal: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know how the pad is attached, let’s move on to the simplest and most effective way to remove it without touching the dirty surface. Just follow these straightforward steps:

1. Stand on the edge of the pad: Start by placing your foot on one edge of the dirty pad, applying enough weight to hold it in place.

2. Pull up on the Swiffer Wet Jet handle: With your foot holding down the pad, firmly grasp the Wet Jet handle and pull up. The pad should come straight off the fastener, leaving you with a clean, pad-free Wet Jet.

3. Dispose of the pad: You’ve removed the dirty pad without having to touch it! To dispose of it without coming into contact with the soiled surface, use a paper towel or plastic bag to pick it up and place it in the trash.

Continuing Your Cleaning

Now that you’ve removed the dirty pad, you can continue cleaning by attaching a fresh pad to your Swiffer Wet Jet. Simply press the new pad onto the fastener, and you’re ready to go!


Removing a dirty pad from your Swiffer Wet Jet doesn’t have to be a frustrating or messy experience. By using this quick and easy method, you can keep your hands clean and your floor looking its best. Say goodbye to struggling with stubborn pads and hello to stress-free cleaning!

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Key Takeaways

  • For traditional Swiffers, the pad needs to be cinched in place
  • For Swiffer Wet Jets, there is a fastener that holds the pad in place
  • To remove the pad, stand on the edge of it and pull it straight off
  • Use a paper towel to pick up the pad and throw it in the trash