Joyin Light Up Saber Sword Review and Demo

We all know the iconic weapon from that popular movie series, but today we’re going to discuss a non-officially licensed version: the Light Sword (note: some people call swords “sabers.” Just saying.)

This amazing replica has all the features and fun of the real thing while offering an affordable and customizable addition to your costume or cosplay.

The Light Sword Design

The Light Sword consists of a handle and an illuminated blade, giving it the distinct, futuristic appearance we all know and love. On the side of the handle, there are two buttons that control the light and sound effects of the sword.

Lighting Up the Blade

Pressing the first button causes the blade to light up in either green or blue, depending on which color you choose. The sword illuminates from the base of the blade to the tip, perfectly mimicking the original design.

However, one thing to note is that the light only stays on for about 20-30 seconds, making it perfect for photos or quick displays but not for an extended showcase.

Sound Effects and Motion Sensor

The second button on the handle activates a metallic sword sound effect, adding another layer of fun and authenticity to the Light Sword experience. The Light Sword even has a built-in motion sensor, so when you swing or hit something with the blade, it makes a sound effect and changes the color of the lights. These features increase the immersion and overall enjoyment of using the Light Sword.

Two Swords for Double the Fun

When you purchase the Light Sword, you actually receive two swords: one in green and one in blue. This makes them perfect for play, sparring, or dual-wielding so you can create epic battles with friends or family members.

Changeable Batteries

The Light Sword requires batteries for its sound and light effects, but these can be easily changed when they run out. The batteries typically last for a week with active play, so you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them.

Perfect for Costumes, Cosplay, and More

The Light Sword is ideal for a variety of uses, from adding the perfect finishing touch to a Halloween costume to taking your cosplay to the next level at conventions. Its light weight and authentic sound and light effects make it a fantastic addition to any costume or themed event.

In conclusion, the Light Sword is a fun and functional replica of the iconic weapon from our favorite star-focused movie series. Its authentic design, lights, and sound effects make it perfect for costumes, cosplay, and playtime, providing endless enjoyment for fans of all ages. So pick up a Light Sword today and unleash your inner warrior at your next costume or cosplay event!

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Pros and Cons


  • Comes with two swords – one green and one blue
  • Lights up and makes sound effects when pressed
  • Motion sensor responds to movement
  • Batteries are changeable
  • Lightweight


  • Not an officially licensed version
  • Light only illuminates for 20-30 seconds
  • Sound effects do not match the theme of the sword in some cases. They sound like metal ninja swords.
  • Not designed for illumination over a long period of time

Key Takeaways

  • This is not an officially licensed version of the thing (we won’t say its name) from the movie.
  • The sword only illuminates for about 20-30 seconds.
  • It has two buttons, one that lights up the sword and one that makes metal ninja style sounds.
  • It comes with two swords, a green and a blue one.
  • It has motion sensors that make sound effects when it is moved.
  • The batteries are changeable.
  • It is good for costume props, Halloween costumes, conventions, and cosplay.