How Wide is the Swiffer XL? We Measured It

Introduction: Does Swiffer Make an Extra Large Swiffer?

If you’ve ever used a Swiffer before, you know how convenient and effective they can be for cleaning your floors. However, it’s natural to wonder if there’s an even larger version available to cover more surface area and make your cleaning tasks even more efficient.

The answer is yes! Swiffer does make an extra large Swiffer and it’s called the Swiffer XL. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what sets it apart from the regular-sized Swiffer and how you can benefit from its increased size.

Swiffer XL: Bigger and Better

The Swiffer XL is almost exactly like a normal Swiffer in terms of its design and functionality, except that it’s wider, roughly one and a half times the width of a standard Swiffer.

We got out our measuring tape, and the Swiffer XL is 17 inches wide.

The length of the sides remains the same as the regular Swiffer, but the extra width means you can cover more square footage with each sweep. This ultimately translates to less time spent cleaning floors and more time saved for other tasks.

Why Choose the Swiffer XL?

If you have large areas of flooring, such as wood or tile, the Swiffer XL is a great choice. It’s especially useful in larger rooms or open-concept living spaces where the extra size can really make a difference in your cleaning efficiency. Plus, using the Swiffer XL with special cleaning pads makes the experience even better, as it helps to further optimize your cleaning capabilities.

What About Swiffer XL Pads?

Keep in mind, the Swiffer XL does require special cleaning pads. These extra large pads are designed specifically to fit the wider head of the Swiffer XL, allowing you to make the most of the surface area available. While this may mean purchasing separate pads than for a regular Swiffer, the investment is worth it considering the time and effort saved in your cleaning routine.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Cleaning Game with the Swiffer XL

Overall, the Swiffer XL is a valuable addition to anyone’s cleaning arsenal, particularly if you have larger areas of flooring to maintain. By investing in this extra large Swiffer and its specific cleaning pads, you can save time and energy, leaving you with more moments to enjoy your clean and tidy living space. Don’t hesitate to give the Swiffer XL a try and see how it can revolutionize your cleaning routine.

Key Takeaways

  • Swiffer makes an extra large Swiffer called the Swiffer XL.
  • The Swiffer XL is wider than a normal Swiffer but has the same length.
  • The advantage to the Swiffer XL is that it can clean a wider section of floor with less time spent sweeping.
  • The Swiffer XL needs special pads.