Are Swiffer Wetjet Pads Washable? My Washable Pad Hack

If you’ve ever used a Swiffer Wet Jet, you’ve likely wondered if those handy disposable pads can actually be washed and reused. Unfortunately, with a stock Swiffer, the answer is no.

These disposable pads are designed for one-time use, so when you’re finished using them, you’re supposed to toss them in the trash.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives to the disposable Swiffer Wet Jet pads. There are companies that make washable, reusable attachments, such as microfiber cloths, for your Swiffer Wet Jet.

But if you don’t want to invest in those specialty attachments, there’s actually an even simpler solution you can try with an Amazon Basics microfiber cleaning cloth.

An Affordable, Reusable Alternative: Amazon Basics Microfiber Cloths

Amazon Basics microfiber cleaning cloths are a super affordable option that you can try out as a Swiffer Wet Jet pad alternative. These cloths are made by Amazon’s own in-house brand and can be easily repurposed for use with your Swiffer Wet Jet.

Attaching the Microfiber Cloth to Your Swiffer Wet Jet

Ready to give this alternative a try? Simply follow the steps below to use an Amazon Basics microfiber cloth with your Swiffer Wet Jet:

1. Take the microfiber cloth and fold it over in half on the floor.

2. Place your Swiffer Wet Jet on top of the folded cloth.

3. Attach the cloth to the Velcro on the bottom of the Swiffer Wet Jet. This should keep the cloth reasonably well attached while you mop. If needed, apply extra pressure to ensure the cloth stays in place.

4. Either wet the cloth in advance or use the spray function on your Swiffer Wet Jet to apply cleaning solution onto the floor.

5. Use your Swiffer Wet Jet as you normally would with a disposable pad. The microfiber cloth should stay in place and clean the floors effectively.

6. When finished mopping, simply remove the microfiber cloth from the Swiffer Wet Jet and toss it into the washing machine to clean and reuse again.

Save Money and Reduce Waste with This Simple Alternative

By using an Amazon Basics microfiber cloth with your Swiffer Wet Jet, you can save both money and reduce waste by avoiding purchasing and disposing of disposable pads. The microfiber cloths are inexpensive and washable, making them an easy and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable Swiffer Wet Jet pads. So give it a try and make your cleaning routine a bit more eco-friendly and budget-friendly!

Key Takeaways

  • Stock Swiffer wet jet pads are disposable and not washable.
  • Some companies make attachments for the Swiffer that are washable.
  • An Amazon Basics microfiber cleaning cloth can be used with a Swiffer wet jet.
  • The cloth can be reused multiple times and just goes in the washing machine when done.