Can You Use Normal Swiffer Pads with Swiffer XL?

The Swiffer XL is an oversized Swiffer that covers a larger surface area, making it easier to clean larger rooms. It’s about one and a half times the width of the traditional Swiffer and uses larger Swiffer pads.

But what if you run out of the larger XL pads or simply don’t want to buy two different kinds of Swiffer pads? Can you use traditional Swiffer pads with the Swiffer XL? The answer is yes, and we’ll show you how!

Using Traditional Swiffer Pads on the Swiffer XL

Instead of using one XL pad, you can use two traditional-sized Swiffer pads to match the width of the XL Swiffer. Follow these simple steps:

1. Grab two traditional Swiffer pads: These should be the regular, rectangular-shaped pads used for traditional Swiffer sweepers. In our example, we used the heavy duty version of the pads.

2. Lay the pads out on the floor: Overlap the two traditional pads so that they cover the same area as the XL Swiffer pad. There should be some overlap between the pads, ensuring there are no gaps and that the entire Swiffer head is covered.

3. Place the Swiffer XL on top of the pads: Line up the Swiffer XL with the overlapped pads, making sure the pads cover the entire bottom of the Swiffer head.

4. Press the pads into the grippers: Each end of the pads should be pressed into the little grippers on the Swiffer head, ensuring that both pads are firmly attached and held in place.

5. Start sweeping: With both traditional Swiffer pads securely attached to the Swiffer XL, you can now clean your floors efficiently and effectively.

Finishing Up

After using the two traditional sized Swiffer pads on your Swiffer XL, you’ll find that they’ve trapped dust and dirt just as well as an XL pad would. Your floors will be clean, and you won’t have to worry about buying different types of Swiffer pads.

When you’re done sweeping, simply remove both pads from the little grippers on the Swiffer head and throw them away. It’s as easy as that!


So, can you use traditional Swiffer pads with the Swiffer XL? Absolutely! By overlapping two traditional size pads to match the width of the XL, you’ll find that your cleaning tasks become just as quick and easy as they would with a single XL pad. Save money and time by using this simple technique to attach traditional Swiffer pads to your Swiffer XL. Happy cleaning!

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Key Takeaways

  • You can use traditional, normal size Swiffer pads with the Swiffer XL.
  • To do this, lay out two pads on the floor overlapping them to match the width of the XL.
  • Press each part of the pads into the little grippers on the Swiffer XL.
  • When finished, remove both pads from the little grippers and throw them away.
  • You can use special types of pads, like the heavy duty traditional pads, doubled up, on the Swiffer XL.