Grayl Purifying Water Bottle; Review and How to Use It

Hi, I’m Thomas Smith, and today I’m going to introduce you to a fantastic product for camping, traveling, or even including in your survival kit – the Grayl Water Bottle. This incredible water bottle not only filters out unpleasant tastes and chemicals like chlorine, but it also removes viruses and bacteria, ensuring clean and safe water wherever you go.

Whether you’re venturing to a foreign country with questionable water quality or exploring the great outdoors, this water bottle is perfect for those unexpected situations when you need a reliable water source.

Let’s dive into the features, benefits, and my personal experience of using the Grayl Water Bottle.

Built-in Advanced Filtration System

The Grayl Water Bottle’s standout feature is its built-in filter that removes not only unpleasant tastes and chemicals but also harmful viruses, bacteria, and other impurities.

Grayl claims that it can turn water from a “rustic” source – such as a foreign tap or a lake – into safe, drinkable water. This high-intensity filtration system sets it apart from other water bottles and can give you peace of mind during your adventures.

As someone who enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors, I bought the Grayl because it goes above and beyond basic filters. I wanted something that would actually make water safer to drink, not just make it taste better.

Easy-to-Use, Compact Design

Using the Grayl Water Bottle is as simple as opening the lid, filling the outer bottle sleeve with water, and then pressing down on the filter to purify the water. Although it requires a firm, steady pressure to filter properly, the process is quick and straightforward once you get the hang of it.

I demonstrated it in the video above.

Moreover, the water bottle is compact and portable, allowing you to conveniently pack it in your backpack or attach it to your gear using its handy carrying clip. The Grayl Water Bottle is ideal for anyone who needs a rugged and reliable water source while traveling or exploring the great outdoors.

Why Choose the Grayl Water Bottle?

The Grayl Water Bottle is perfect for those who need a convenient and efficient way to filter water, whether camping, traveling, or simply spending time outdoors. Its advanced filtration system and compact design make it a valuable addition to your gear collection, ensuring reliable and safe water for your journeys.

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Pros and Cons


  • Removes viruses, bacteria, tastes, chlorine, and other contaminants from water
  • Can filter out water from a rustic tap, stream, or lake
  • Easy to use with a quarter turn to open and close
  • Super rugged and strong rubberized material
  • Comes with a carrying clip for added convenience
  • Compact and lightweight so it’s easy to travel with


  • Requires a hard surface to push down the filter cartridge
  • Can be difficult to get enough bodyweight onto the filter

Key Takeaways

  • The Grill water bottle is great for camping, travel, and go bags/survival kits.
  • The filter is able to remove viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants from water.
  • To use the bottle, pour water into the bottom piece and press down on the filter cartridge.
  • The bottle is made of rugged, rubberized material and has a carrying clip.
  • The Grill bottle is a convenient way to ensure clean drinking water while on the go.