How to Fold Honda Odyssey Magic Stow Rear Seats

I’m Thomas Smith, and today we’re going to take a look at the innovative Magic Seats on the Honda Odyssey. The concept behind Magic Seats is to provide users with a one-hand, one-pull operation that easily folds down the seats and converts the rear passenger area into a cargo space. Let’s put this feature to the test and see if it lives up to its name.

Here’s a video of using the seats:

Putting the Magic Seats to Work

To fold down the magic seats, open the rear liftgate of the Odyssey and find the pull cord on the seat. Make sure there’s nothing in the trunk that would get in the way of the seat folding.

Pull firmly on the cord. The seat should fold down and flatten out automatically. See the video above for the actual process. In my testing, it really was a one-handed operation!

Give the cord a solid pull

Reversing the Magic: Putting the Seats Back Up

Now it’s time to put the Magic Seat back into its upright position. Grab the designated handle and, as before, follow the process in reverse. Simply pull the seat up and out, guiding it back into place until it locks securely. There you have it – our passenger area is back, and now you know why they call these seats “magical.”


The Odyssey has some great features, from driver assist tech to powerful seat warmers. The Honda Odyssey’s Magic Seats do indeed live up to their name, allowing for quick and easy transformation of the vehicle’s rear area from passenger seating to cargo space and vice versa.

Whether you need room to carry luggage, sports equipment, or groceries, the Odyssey’s innovative design helps you make the most of the available space with minimal effort. If you own or are considering purchasing a Honda Odyssey, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate this versatile and user-friendly feature.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Honda Odyssey has Magic Seats that fold down with one-hand, one-pull operation.
  • The Magic Seats create a cargo area in the back of the Odyssey.
  • Folding down the Magic Seats is a simple process: pull the handle and help it along.
  • To put the Magic Seats back up, repeat the process in reverse.