Step 2 Game Time Sports Climber, Real World Review from a Dad

Hello everyone! I’m Thomas Smith, and today I’ll be sharing my experiences with the Step 2 Kids Game Time Sports Climber playset, which I’ve actually set up right here in my front yard.

I must say, this playset is simply amazing if you’ve got little kids. Ideally, it’s perfect for children up to maybe around age 3 or 4, though perhaps a 5-year-old might still find some fun activities to do with it.

If you have a young child at home, this playset is a great toy to keep them entertained and active. Read on as I explore the various features and benefits of the Step 2 Kids playset that make it a great choice for your little ones.

Easy Assembly and Sturdy Design

One of the first things I noticed about this amazing playset is that it’s pretty easy to put together. Made from big, chunky, and hollow plastic pieces that easily snap together, setting up the playset was a breeze.

Fun Climbing Wall and Slide Features

The Step 2 Kids playset comes with a small climbing wall on the back, complete with footholds and handholds for your child to grip and hold onto. This feature not only provides a fun and safe climbing experience for your little one, but it also helps develop their motor skills. Just make sure to supervise your kids as they play.

Once your child reaches the top of the climbing wall, they are treated to a little slide down the front. I can personally attest that this feature is super fun for kids, and they’ll likely want to do it over and over again.

Basketball Hoop for Extra Fun

Another really cool feature of this playset is the built-in basketball hoop. While it may be a bit tall for smaller kids to dunk on, they can have fun trying to throw balls into it.

In our house, my kids love climbing the playset and dropping the balls through the hoop. The hoop comes without a net, which is great because it eliminates the risk of your child getting tangled up while playing.

With the little space underneath the hoop, your child can also climb under and access different parts of the playset, exploring all it has to offer.

Tactile Elements for Engaging Playtime

The Step 2 Kids Game Time playset includes fun, tactile elements without any electronic components. I believe it’s always good to have toys that promote playtime without relying on screens, like an iPad or a tablet. This playset helps you achieve that balance.

Setting Up the Playset Safely

While you could use the Step 2 Kids playset indoors, I’d recommend setting it up on a carpeted or padded surface to minimize the risk of injuries if your child falls. As always, be sure to supervise your child while they play, especially if they are on the younger side.

In conclusion, the Step 2 Kids playset is an excellent option for little kids to enjoy active playtime safely. With features like the climbing wall, slide, and basketball hoop, it provides hours of fun and entertainment. Personally, seeing my kids play on it and enjoy themselves has been one of the most satisfying aspects of owning this amazing playset.

You can grab one at a great price on Amazon.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to put together
  • Climbing wall with footholds and handholds
  • Slide for quick descent
  • Basketball hoop for shooting and dropping balls
  • Space underneath for access
  • Tactile elements with no electronics
  • Can be used indoors and on padded surfaces


  • Not suitable for older kids (ages 5 and up)
  • No actual net on the basketball hoop
  • Needs to be supervised for safety, especially for younger children

Key Takeaways

  • The Step 2 Kids playset is suitable for kids aged 3-5 years old.
  • The playset is easy to put together and consists of hollow plastic pieces that snap together.
  • Features include a climbing wall, slide, and basketball hoop.
  • The basketball hoop does not have an actual net.
  • The playset should be used on a padded surface, like carpet, with supervision.