The Best Chair Covers for Families – Life Magic Chair Covers Review

Hi, I’m Thomas Smith from DIY Life Tech, and today I’m going to share with you my personal experience with Life Magic Chair Covers. These fabric chair covers are perfect for those who have kids and nice chairs because we all know that those two things don’t usually mix very well.

If you’ve ever experienced tomato sauce or other spills all over your beautiful upholstered furniture, you know how frustrating it can be to keep them clean and looking fresh. That’s where these chair covers come in, offering a fantastic solution to protect your precious chairs.

I personally used these Life Magic Chair Covers on my own family heirloom chairs from Ethan Allen, some really fancy pieces we received from my in-laws. They have helped me preserve the original fabric and appearance of these valuable pieces.

Stretchable and Versatile Fit

One of the key attributes of Life Magic Chair Covers is their stretchable material. These fabric pieces have a hole in the bottom, with one piece covering the cushion and another going up over the back of the chair.

Due to their stretchy nature, they easily mold to form a nice seal over various types of furniture and they work amazingly on my heirloom chairs, providing a protective surface.

It’s important to note that these covers work only on chairs without arms, as there is no spot for armrests in their design. So, keep in mind that they are ideal for chairs with just a back and a cushion.

No room for chairs with arms

Attractive Design and Quality Fabric

Apart from their functionality, these fabric chair covers offer an elegant look, too. I love the bright blue color of the covers I purchased, and the fabric quality is impressive – it elevates the overall appearance of the chairs while keeping them safe from any mess.

The design adds an extra touch of style, ensuring that your protected chairs still look great. I was afraid that my chairs would look like something out of a dated house from the 1980s–like a couch covered in plastic wrap!

These aren’t like that–they look great, in addition to adding protection.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the primary benefits of these chair covers for me is how easy they are to clean. As parents, we know that spills and accidents are inevitable, especially when kids are involved. However, with Life Magic Chair Covers, I no longer worry about any potential damage to my family heirlooms.

Whenever there’s a spill on the covers, all I need to do is remove them from the chairs, toss them in the washing machine, wash them, and dry them. After they’re clean and dry, it’s a breeze to put them back on the chairs, ready to continue protecting my furniture.


In conclusion, if you’re on the lookout for a practical and stylish solution to protect your chairs from spills and accidents, Life Magic Chair Covers are definitely worth considering.

Not only do they provide excellent protection for your furniture, but they also offer an attractive design and high-quality fabric. And with their easy maintenance, you can keep your dining room chairs looking beautiful for years to come.

Ready to invest in these fantastic chair covers? Make sure to purchase the Life Magic Chair Covers through this link and give your chairs the protection and style they deserve.

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Pros and Cons


  • Protects chairs from spills and messes
  • Stretchy fabric fits most standard chairs
  • Nice bright blue color and high quality fabric
  • Washable and easy to re-apply


  • Cannot protect chairs with arms

Key Takeaways

  • Fabric chair covers are a great way to protect your upholstered furniture, especially if you have kids.
  • The covers stretch to fit and have a hole in the bottom for the cushion.
  • The covers come in bright colors, are of high quality, and are totally washable.
  • The covers only work with chairs that have a back and cushion, and not chairs with arms.
  • The covers are effective in protecting against spills.