Polder Paper Towel Holder Review and Demo


Paper towel holders are essential in every kitchen, but with the variety of options available in the market, choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task. Most of us are in search of something practical, stylish and of high-quality. Look no further because the Polder paper towel holder might just be the perfect fit for your household!

Design and Material

The Polder paper towel holder boasts a simple and sleek design. The brushed stainless-steel material not only gives it a beautiful appearance but also ensures durability. The stainless-steel finish allows it to blend easily with other appliances and décor in your kitchen. Its simplicity and elegance make it a versatile and practical addition to your space.

Base and Stability

The Polder paper towel holder has a wide base that increases stability, ensuring that it does not topple over during use. With its weighted base, you can effortlessly tear off a paper towel with just one hand, making it a quick and efficient choice. Its stability ensures that you can use it every day without ever having to worry about your towels shifting or falling.

Capacity and Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, the Polder paper towel holder caters to a wide array of sizes. Its large design ensures that it can accommodate even the biggest of paper towel rolls with ease. Now you won’t have to worry about whether your chosen paper towel brand will fit in its holder!

Functionality and Loading

The Polder paper towel holder is designed to provide you with an effortlessly smooth rolling experience when you rip off a paper towel. The holder allows for seamless turning, ensuring that you will be able to access your towels whenever you need them quickly.

Loading your paper towels onto the holder is a breeze. With a simple half-turn, you can unscrew the top piece and easily slide on your roll. Once in place, the top piece can be screwed back on to lock the roll in position. The locking mechanism ensures that even if you accidentally lift the holder from the paper towels, it will not pop off or slip out of place.


In summary, the Polder paper towel holder is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a practical, stylish, and high-quality holder. Its brushed stainless-steel finish and sleek design will seamlessly blend in with your kitchen’s décor while ensuring durability.

The easy loading system, stable base, and smooth rolling function make the Polder paper towel holder a truly efficient and user-friendly option. So why not transform your kitchen experience today with this great product?

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Pros and Cons

I tested the Polder paper towel holder by using a regular and an extra-large roll of paper towels. I observed how easy it was to take the paper towels off and put them on, as well as how well the weight at the bottom kept the holder upright.


  • Nice brushed stainless steel design
  • Wide base at the bottom for stability
  • Accommodates an extra-large roll
  • Turns easily when taking paper towels off
  • Weighted at the bottom to keep it upright
  • Easy to put paper towels on
  • Locks paper towels on so they won’t pop off


  • No color options
  • No additional features
  • Can only fit one roll at a time

Key Takeaways

  • This paper towel holder has a wide base and can accommodate an extra large roll.
  • It has a weighted base that keeps it upright.
  • It is very easy to put the paper towels on and take them off.
  • It has a half turn top piece that locks the paper towels in place.
  • It is a great addition to any kitchen.