Renogy Adventurer Solar Charger Controller Review

In this blog post, I am going to discuss my personal experience and review of the Renogy Adventurer charge controller. As a solar enthusiast, I have tested various solar charge controllers, and the Renogy Adventurer is a step above the Wanderer model, their basic charge controller.

In this review, I’ll be taking you through the features and advantages of the Adventurer charge controller, comparing it to the Wanderer model, and sharing my installation experience.

Features of the Renogy Adventurer Charge Controller

The Renogy Adventurer charge controller offers a range of useful features, which provide additional benefits to users as compared to the basic Wanderer model:

  • LCD Screen: The Adventurer comes with a built-in LCD screen that allows you to monitor the voltage and amperage of your solar panels, battery voltage, battery temperature, and the total energy generation of your solar system.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The Adventurer can connect to the Renogy Bluetooth module, allowing you to monitor your solar system’s performance through the Renogy Bluetooth app on your smartphone.
  • USB Port: The charge controller includes a USB port for charging your devices, such as a cell phone or tablet.
  • Compatibility with Lithium Batteries: The Adventurer is capable of charging lithium batteries, making it a more versatile option.
  • Remote Battery Temperature and Voltage Sensor: With the Adventurer, you get additional sensors that help in accurately measuring battery voltage and temperature, improving system performance and monitoring.
  • Flush Mounting Option: The Adventurer can be flush-mounted, making it ideal for installation in spaces such as RVs or boats, where a clean layout is desired.

Installation and Performance Review

Installing the Renogy Adventurer charge controller was fairly straightforward. I used it to help power a solar computer. The layout of the connections on the back is similar to the Wanderer model, with battery leads and panel connections using screw terminals. One point to note is that you should always connect the battery before plugging in your solar panels.

While the flush mounting option allows for a clean layout, I found that accessing the ports on the back can be challenging when mounted to a wall, as the screw terminals are not available on the front.

Despite this minor issue, the overall performance of the Renogy Adventurer has been excellent, and the additional monitoring features have proven to be very useful in keeping track of my solar system’s performance.

Conclusion: Is the Renogy Adventurer Charge Controller Worth It?

The Renogy Adventurer charge controller offers several advantages over its basic counterpart, the Wanderer, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to set up or improve their solar energy system.

The additional features, such as the LCD screen, Bluetooth connectivity, and remote sensors, provide enhanced monitoring and control, while compatibility with lithium batteries and the flush mounting option add to its versatility.

You can purchase the Renogy Adventurer charge controller here on Amazon. I hope this review has been helpful in providing insight into the performance and features of the Renogy Adventurer charge controller. If you found this information useful, please subscribe to my channel for more solar energy tips and product reviews.

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Pros and Cons

List of Pros:

  • LCD screen for easy monitoring and visibility
  • Connects to the Renogy Bluetooth module
  • USB port for charging cell phones
  • Remote battery temperature sensor and battery voltage sensor included
  • Ability to charge lithium batteries
  • High quality and customizability
  • Flush mount feature for neat installation
  • Performing well

List of Cons:

  • No screw terminals on the front
  • Difficult to access ports on the back if installed flush

Key Takeaways

  • The Adventurer charge controller from Renogy is higher end than the Wanderer model.
  • The Adventurer has an LCD screen and connects to the Renogy Bluetooth module for monitoring.
  • The Adventurer has a USB port and ports for remote battery temperature and voltage sensors.
  • The Adventurer is able to charge lithium batteries.
  • The Adventurer is more customizable and has more monitoring capabilities than the Wanderer.
  • The Adventurer can be flush mounted but it makes it harder to access the ports on the back.