Renogy Bluetooth Module

Introduction to the Renogy Bluetooth Module

Today I want to discuss the Bluetooth connector from Renogy for monitoring your off-grid solar system. If you have a Renogy charge controller, such as the Adventurer controller, you may want to obtain more detailed information about your system’s charging process, daily electricity generation, and more.

While you can access basic information from the LCD on the charge controller, the Renogy Bluetooth Module offers a more convenient and comprehensive solution.

Setting Up the Renogy Bluetooth Module

The Renogy Bluetooth Module is a small dongle that connects to your charge controller through a simple ethernet-like plug. To set it up, insert the plug into the corresponding socket on the back of your charge controller.

The module comes with a fairly long cable, allowing you to mount it in a higher location or closer to your living space if you’re using it in a cabin or an RV.

Using the Renogy BT App

After connecting the module, download the Renogy BT app from the App Store or Google Play. Upon opening the app, it should automatically find the Bluetooth module and establish a connection. Once connected, you can access a wealth of real-time and historical data about your solar system’s performance on your phone.

To unlock even more settings, enter the administrator password found in your manual. This will allow you to adjust parameters such as battery type directly through the Bluetooth connection.

Why Choose the Renogy Bluetooth Module?

As someone who has personally tested and used this product, I can attest to its ease of use and the valuable information it provides. The Renogy Bluetooth Module is an excellent addition to your existing Renogy solar setup, giving you the ability to closely monitor your system’s performance in real-time and over time.

With this module, you can easily optimize your solar power usage, harnessing the power of the sun to its fullest potential.


The Renogy Bluetooth Module is a convenient and easy-to-use accessory that enhances your solar monitoring experience. If you are interested in obtaining more detailed and manageable information from your Renogy off-grid solar system, consider adding this valuable Bluetooth device to your setup.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to set up with the plug-in and Bluetooth app
  • Long cord allows it to be mounted in a convenient location
  • Provides fine-grained real-time and historical monitoring of how your system is performing
  • Allows you to set parameters such as battery type directly through Bluetooth


  • Requires an Adventurer controller to use

Key Takeaways

  • The Renogy Bluetooth connector is a dongle that plugs into the back of a charge controller for fine-grained monitoring of an off-grid solar system.
  • The app for the Bluetooth connector is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • The Bluetooth connector allows users to view real-time and historical performance data of their system.
  • The administrator password can be found in the manual and allows users to set parameters through Bluetooth.