How do I fix the pull cord on my Hunter Douglas blinds?

If you have Hunter Douglas blinds, you may have pulled hard on the cord or pulled it too suddenly and had the whole cord fall apart. Either the cord popped out or the individual pieces of the cord may have popped out of the plastic holder.

You might be thinking, “Oh my gosh, I broke my fancy blinds.”

But actually, this is designed to happen as a safety feature to prevent kids from getting tangled in the cord. And the good news is that it’s pretty easy to put it back together.

Step 1: Open the Cord Holder

Start by laying the pieces out on a flat surface. If the two halves of the cord holder are still connected, there’s a little seam along the side. You can get a nail in there and pry it open or use a credit card to do the same. This will separate the holder into two pieces.

Step 2: Place the Strings in the Grooves

Next, take each of the individual strings (in my case, there were four) and lay them back into the little grooves on the halves of the holder. There might be a little plastic bead at the end of each string – make sure that goes on the other side of the groove inside the plastic piece.

Step 3: Insert the Cord

Now, take the cord from the pole and put it into the open side of the plastic holder.

Step 4: Snap the Holder Together

Once everything is in place, take the top half of the holder, flip it over, and put it down on top of the bottom half. Make sure they’re aligned and simply snap them together to hold everything in place. These should now be securely connected.

Step 5: Check the Alignment

Before using your blinds again, make sure none of the little pieces popped out again and that everything is properly aligned. The cord should be secure, and your blinds should be ready to use.

How to Avoid Breaking the Cord in the Future

To avoid this issue happening in the future, instead of pulling on the decorative pole at the end of the cord, it’s better to grip all of the little strings leading up to your blind above the snap. Pull them all down at once to ensure you’re not putting so much pressure on the snap that it comes off.

Think of the decorative pole as more of an ornament and the actual action of lifting your blind should be done by grabbing all of the strings. Especially if you have a wide blind like I do, which can be pretty heavy. By doing this, you can prevent the risk of the cord holder snapping off. I know after making the transition from temporary Redi Shades to real Hunter Douglas blinds, i was really freaked out when the thing came apart on me!

However, if it does snap off again, rest assured that it’s easy enough to put it back together following the steps outlined in this article.

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Key Takeaways

  • Hunter Douglas blinds have a safety feature that allows the cord to break away if it is pulled hard or too suddenly.
  • To put the cord back together, start by laying the pieces out on a flat surface and putting the individual strings back into the grooves.
  • Next, insert the cord from the pole into the open side of the plastic holder.
  • Finally, snap the two halves together to secure the cord.
  • To prevent the cord from breaking off in the future, grip all of the strings together and give it a good, solid pull.