What Batteries Does Instax SQ6 Use?


If you are an instant photography enthusiast, you must have heard of the Instax SQ6 camera. But one common question regarding this camera is about the type of batteries it uses. In this article, I will share my personal experience with the Instax SQ6 camera and shed light on its battery requirements to enhance your overall experience.

Instax SQ6 Camera’s Battery Requirements

The answer to the burning question – the Instax SQ6 camera uses its own lithium batteries, specifically, two CR2 lithium batteries. These batteries are quite standard for cameras and have a lot of power in them. Let me walk you through my experience with replacing the batteries in my Instax SQ6.

Replacing the Batteries

To replace the batteries in your Instax SQ6 camera, follow these simple steps:

1. Locate the battery compartment on the side of the camera. It’s a small, rectangular cover that you need to open to access the batteries.

2. Open the battery compartment and remove the old batteries if needed. You will see that it uses two CR2 lithium batteries.

Note: The CR2 lithium batteries are quite powerful, so you don’t need to swap them out that often. They have plenty of power to operate the flash and the lens that opens and closes on this camera.

3. Insert the new CR2 lithium batteries into the battery compartment. Make sure to properly align the batteries as indicated by the small symbols in the compartment.

4. Take the battery cover and snap it back into place to cover the batteries.

Now, your Instax SQ6 camera is ready to go with its new batteries, ensuring an uninterrupted photography experience.


In summary, the Instax SQ6 camera uses two CR2 lithium batteries. These batteries are not only powerful, but they also last quite long, making it convenient for you to enjoy your photography sessions without having to worry about frequent battery changes. So, grab your Instax SQ6 camera and a pair of CR2 lithium batteries, and you are all set to capture those memorable moments!

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Key Takeaways

  • The Instax SQ6 camera uses two CR2 lithium batteries.
  • CR2 batteries are a standard camera battery with plenty of power to operate the flash and lens.
  • To power the Instax SQ6, get two CR2 batteries.