How to Change Batteries in Honda Remote Keyfob


Hi, I’m Tom from DIY Life Tech, and I recently had to change the battery in my Honda Odyssey’s remote key fob.

If you’re facing a similar issue, this blog post will guide you on how to change the battery in your Honda key fob (also known as a “clicker”) – a relatively simple process that can save you time and money.

Identifying the Right Battery for Your Key Fob

The first step in changing your Honda key fob battery is figuring out which type of battery you need. In my case, the battery required was a CR2032.

This is a thin lithium battery that’s commonly used in watches and cameras. Make sure to check the exact type of battery your key fob needs before proceeding.

Opening Your Key Fob

Removing the valet key

To begin the battery replacement process, remove the valet key from the key fob by pressing the release button on the back. With the key removed, locate the small plastic indentation where there’s a gap between the two halves of the fob. Insert the valet key into this space and twist it gently to separate the two pieces.

Removing the Old Battery

Once the key fob is open, you’ll see the old CR2032 battery. To remove it, use a fingernail or a small, flat object to gently pry the battery from its slot.

Be sure to dispose of the old lithium battery properly by taking it to your local household hazardous waste disposal center. Don’t simply throw it in the trash, as this can be harmful to the environment.

Installing the New Battery

New batteries!

Now that you’ve removed the old battery, take a fresh CR2032 battery and click it into place in the key fob’s battery slot. Ensure the new battery is securely in position before moving onto the next step.

Closing Your Key Fob

With the new battery in place, align the two halves of the key fob and gently snap them back together. Reinsert the valet key into the fob, and you’re all set.


After successfully replacing the battery in your Honda keyless remote, the low battery warning on your dashboard should disappear, and your key fob should function well for at least another year or two. By following these simple steps, you can fix the problem yourself without relying on a professional or spending a fortune.

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Key Takeaways

  • The battery needed for a Honda Odyssey is a CR 032 battery, a lithium battery.
  • To open the key fob, press the release button and twist the valet key.
  • Dispose of the old battery properly at a household hazardous waste disposal center.
  • Pop the new battery into place and reinsert the valet key.
  • The dashboard notice should go away and the battery should last a year or two.