Cleaning Stuck-On Instant Pot With Miele 5006


Hello! I’m Thomas Smith, and in today’s post, I’ll share my personal experience with the quick intense wash on my Miele 5006 dishwasher.

Before we dive into the details, let me explain why this is relevant.

The most irritating part of cooking is, without a doubt, having to grapple with dirty, crusty, and sticky dishes afterward. If you’re a food enthusiast who uses tools like an Instant Pot frequently, you’ll understand how tough it is to remove burnt-on stains.

So, I decided to start my Miele 5006 dishwasher, using the quick intense wash, to test how effectively it removes a resilient tomato sauce stain from my Instant Pot insert.

Preparing the Dishwasher

The Instant Pot insert was visibly dirty. The tomato sauce was thoroughly burned and stuck. I positioned this pot on the bottom rack of my Miele 5006 dishwasher, ready for its cleaning session.

For this cleansing endeavor, I exclusively used the Miele Ultra tabs, the dishwasher’s official recommended brand.

One fun fact here is that my dog Lance participated in this experiment too. He performed a little pre-washing on the dishwasher, undoubtedly contributing to the final result.

After setting everything up, I selected the Miele-specific one-hour cycle – the quick intense wash. What makes this cycle unique is its self-adjusting capability, thanks to its distinctive sensors.

Results From the Quick Intense Wash Cycle

After nearly 53 minutes – slightly less than the stated one-hour cycle – the wash cycle completed. Eager but unsure, I opened the dishwasher to check the fate of the Instant Pot with the stubborn tomato sauce stain.

To my surprise, there wasn’t any residue at the bottom of the dishwasher. Considering the severity of the stain, one would anticipate remnants. However, the Miele 5006 dishwasher had done an excellent job keeping itself clean during the entire wash process.

Inspecting the Instant Pot insert further, I found no trace of the tomato sauce. All that was left maybe was a slight discoloration at the bottom, more like a stain on the metal than anything stuck or burnt.

I was quite impressed with the overall results. The once heavily stained and used pot was now essentially clean, with no sticky residue or grime inside.


All things considered, I was genuinely impressed with the quick intense clean cycle on the Miele dishwasher. It left the Instant Pot nearly 95% clean—definitely an applaudable performance.

Overall, the Miele 5006 dishwasher with its quick intense wash not only makes cleaning an easy task but also ensures you don’t have to scrub down your dishwasher after each heavy-duty washing cycle.

So, next time you encounter a situation where you think manual scrubbing is the only way out, do consider giving a dishwasher like Miele 5006 a chance.

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Key Takeaways

  • Miele 5006 dishwasher is known for its quick, intense wash cycle
  • Ultra tabs are the official brand of tabs recommended by Miele
  • The quick intense wash cycle is tailored by sensors and is usually under an hour
  • The intense clean cycle does an impressive job of removing stuck on residue
  • The dishwasher leaves no residue and removes 95% of stuck on gunk