How to Install Batteries in Flexispot Deskcise Bike

I’m Tom from DIY Life Tech, and today I’m going to share with you a quick tutorial on how to install the batteries in the FlexiSpot desk size bike. The FlexiSpot desk size bike is a fantastic addition to your home office, allowing you to stay active while working on your computer.

Recently, FlexiSpot sent me one of their desk size bikes to test out, and I found it stimulating to cycle and work simultaneously. So, thank you FlexiSpot for the opportunity to try this innovative product.

One essential aspect of setting up the FlexiSpot desk size bike is installing the batteries for the information display. This display shows crucial biking data such as RPM, calories burned, and more.

In this blog post, I will guide you through installing the batteries, so you can start pedaling your way to better fitness and productivity while working from home.

Locating the battery compartment

The first question you may have is, where exactly is the battery compartment located on this desk size bike? The answer lies beneath the cup holder. The cup holder itself has a little grippy pad, which you will need to remove to access the battery compartment.

Removing the grippy pad and opening the battery door

To remove the grippy pad from the cup holder, simply pull it off at the edges. Once you have removed the pad, you will see the battery door underneath it. Gently lift the latch and open the battery door to reveal the battery slots.

Inserting the batteries

Now that you have accessed the battery compartment, it’s time to insert the batteries. This will power up the info display on the desk size bike. Once the batteries are in place, you will notice the screen starting to come to life.

Closing the battery door and replacing the grippy pad

After the batteries are correctly installed, and you see the display showing information, close the battery door carefully. If the door is not fully closed, the batteries might become dislodged and cause the display to lose power. Once the battery door is securely closed, replace the grippy pad into the cup holder.

Removing the screen protector and using the info display

To finish setting up the display, remove the screen protector that protects the display’s surface. With the screen protector removed, you will be able to read your biking data much more accessible. Now, as you begin to pedal, the display will show your RPM, along with other essential biking data.


And that’s it! Installing the batteries or changing them in your FlexiSpot Desk Size Bike is that easy. Now you can continue enjoying a productive and active work session in your home office. If you haven’t tried the FlexiSpot Desk Size Bike, I highly recommend it. Thank you again to FlexiSpot for the opportunity to test this fantastic product.

Key Takeaways

  • FlexiSpot desk size bikes require batteries to run the info display
  • The battery door is located under the cup holder, and can be opened with the grippy thing
  • Once the batteries are installed, the info display will start to come on
  • Close the battery door and put the screen protector back on the display
  • Pedal to get the different readouts on the display