3 Ways to Wake the Screen on the Fitbit Inspire 3

I love my Fitbit Inspire 3. It’s a super simple and capable little fitness tracker that I’ve been wearing for about 4 months now.

The Inspire 3 has great battery life partly because the screen isn’t always on. It defaults to turning the screen off, and you have to wake up the screen in order to view stats or other info on the watch.

Here’s three simple ways you can wake the screen:

Activating Auto Screen Wake

The most effortless way to wake up your Fitbit Inspire 3 is by using the auto-screen-wake feature. If you have this activated, a simple flick of your wrist wakes up your device instantly.

Accessing this feature requires you just to scroll up on your watch interface and ensure that auto screen wake is switched on. Given the convenience it delivers, this mode is often the go-to tactic for many users. I leave mine switched on all the day.

The watch detects the flick motion in your wrist, automatically waking up the screen. It’s simple, uncomplicated, and above all else, effective. However, should you encounter any limitations with this method, there are other ways forward.

Wake Screen by Tapping

The second option to light up your Fitbit screen is to tap on the screen. While it works just fine most of the time, my personal experience has shown that it can be less reliable if your watch gets wet.

The device might detect multiple touch points due to the dampness, making it unresponsive to waking up. Nevertheless, it is still a quick alternative to the auto screen wake feature.

Waking Your Fitbit with Physical Buttons

While the aforementioned methods have their benefits, my favorite approach to waking up my Fitbit Inspire 3 is using the physical buttons on the side of the watch.

It’s an extremely reliable method that works without fail, each time, every time. The watch comes with inbuilt solid-state buttons – they aren’t traditional press-in types.

As you place your fingers on these buttons, you will feel a tiny vibration indicating that you’ve activated the screen. The display lights up instantly and, in my own experience, it proved more reliable than the auto screen wake function or tapping the screen.

So if you’re anything like me and prioritize reliability over all else, then waking your screen using the sides will work best for you.


And there you have it – three different ways to wake the screen on your Fitbit Inspire 3. As someone who tested each of these methods, I confidently vouch for their efficacy.

Your screen-waking method will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and circumstances.

Key Takeaways

  • The easiest way to wake the screen on your Fitbit Inspire 3 watch is to flick your wrist if auto screen wake is switched on.
  • You can also wake up the screen by tapping the screen or touching the two physical buttons on the side of the watch.
  • Touching the two physical buttons is the most reliable way to wake the screen up.