Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener Review and Demo

Today, we delve into a review of the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener. Unlike conventional can openers, this unit is an electrifying game-changer that sits on your kitchen counter and operates with the touch of a button.

Its sleek design, composed of chrome and plastic, adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen while also serving its core function.

The Hamilton Beach Can Opener is designed to make your cooking journey less tedious by automatically cutting alongside the can, reducing your input and saving you precious time.

However, I must point out that it requires a fair learning curve when getting the cans seated correctly. In my personal experiment with this appliance, it took me a good four to five tries to get it working properly.

The Hamilton Beach Can Opener: Mastering the Operation

While the Hamilton Beach Can Opener took me a few tries to master, I found that with a bit of practice, you can get the hang of it. Once you do, it eliminates the struggle of opening cans, even big 28-ounce cans, in your daily cooking.

This ability could be a game-changer particularly for those with physical impairments; simply set your can in place, close the top, and watch the magic happen.

Opening a can

The Impressive Perks of the Hamilton Beach Can Opener

One outstanding feature of the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener is its method of cutting. Unlike traditional can openers, this appliance cuts along the side of the can rather than the top.

The result? Zero sharp jagged lids that could potentially cut your hands — a benefit that elevates it above traditional can openers. This ensures efficacy and safety while preserving the high hygienic standards due to its hands-free operation.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener is more than just a regular kitchen gadget. The product may not be the easiest to use initially due to the process of seating the can. However, once you sail past this learning curve, this unit provides immense benefits: from cutting with precision and safety, to saving you ample time.

What’s more? Its versatile range of usability, cutting cans of various sizes, makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen. Despite the drawbacks, I’d personally say the perks outweigh them, making this a worthwhile investment.

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Pros and Cons

Product was tested by analyzing design and usability, and by testing to see if it works properly and is easy to use. I used it for about 5 months before reviewing it.


  • Nice chrome and plastic design
  • Cuts along the side of the can instead of the top
  • Gets less of the jagged lid you can sometimes get with traditional can openers
  • Great for easily opening large 28 ounce cans


  • Takes some practice to get it working properly
  • Not super intuitive

Key Takeaways

  • Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener is a plug-in can opener that can cut along the side of the can instead of the top.
  • It takes practice to get the can opener working properly.
  • The can opener can open even large 28 ounce cans with ease.