How to Check Your Stats on Fitbit Inspire 3

I’ve been wearing the Fitbit Inspire 3 for about four months now, and it’s a great little fitness tracker.

It’s super easy to check your stats on the device, including steps, distance, heart rate, SP02 and much more. Here’s a video I made showing how:

Awakening the Screen

First things first, grabbing the details you desire starts with waking the screen up. I usually kickstart my mission by tapping the buttons located on the side of the screen until it comes to life. A simple task you’ll master in no time.

Swiping Up For Stats

Once your screen is wide awake, we’re going to swipe up. I’ve tried it many a time and sure enough, an array of different stats always light up my screen.

First off, you’ll notice your battery level. This is followed by the number of steps you’ve taken for the day — a great metric for anyone watching their activity level.

Other stats include the number of miles you’ve clocked, as well as the amount of activity minutes you’ve accumulated. You also get to see the number of calories you’ve burned. This includes calories burnt through exercise and those burnt through your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn for basic activities throughout the day).

Digging Deeper Into Your Stats

Your screen will also tell you about your hours of activity. For instance, it will show you whether you’ve met your goal for being active each hour. In addition, you’ll get a reading of your current heart rate – I find this particularly intriguing as it gives a real-time reading.

Your average resting heart rate is also displayed, based on your activity and rest periods over the course of the day. Another key data point that always catches my eye is my sleep pattern from the previous night. As an example, once I clocked in six hours and 13 minutes, not the best, but certainly not terrible.

Overall Health Score And Blood Oxygen Level

Your screen also gives you an overall score based on your activities. Another essential metric shown is your SpO2 or blood oxygen level from the night before. This isn’t updated in real-time but rather provides an overview of the previous night’s measurement.

Finally, if you’re tracking exercise, your device will show your progress. I’ve kind of failed here, clearly, as I had no exercise in the last 5 days when I produced the video above!

A Simple, Informative Exercise

This is a very simple yet informative routine. After activating the home screen of the watch, simply swipe up and you’ll gain access to a world of fitness statistics. Additionally, depending on your watch face, tapping the screen can help you to cycle through your basic stats, such as your current heart rate and calories burned.

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Key Takeaways

  • Wake the screen up by touching the buttons on the side of the screen, then swipe up.
  • You can see your battery level, number of steps, activity minutes, calories burned, hours of activity, current and resting heart rate, sleep, SpO2/blood oxygen level, and exercise.
  • Tap the screen to cycle through basic stats, or swipe up to go through all of the stats.