REVIEW: The Invisible Leash, a Beautiful Book to Teach Kids About Pet Loss

An Insightful Review: The Invisible Leash

As someone who has experienced the heartache of losing a pet, I understand the void and confusion that such a loss can leave, especially in the hearts of children.

During my personal journey of dealing with this loss, I discovered a masterpiece that every pet owner should keep in their library: The Invisible Leash.

This is an extraordinarily gorgeous book designed to help kids comprehend the concept of losing a faithful companion. Having personally tested its effectiveness, I can vouch for the comfort it brings.

Understanding Pet Loss with The Invisible Leash

The Invisible Leash is not merely a book; it’s a tender-hearted story that simplifies and contextualizes the process of grief and loss of a pet for kids in a comforting way.

As someone who has tried the conversations with kids about losing a pet, I can tell you that it’s not easy explaining the absence of their beloved friend. With its eloquent storytelling, The Invisible Leash eased this daunting task for me.

Not Just a Story, but an Experience

One thing that caught my heart during my readings of The Invisible Leash was the high-quality illustrations that bring the story to life. The plot fundamentally spotlights the everlasting bond between a child and their pet, projecting a soothing image of their connection that continues to flourish even after the pet’s passing. Personally, seeing this beautifully illustrated connection warmed my heart and made the painful reality of pet loss more bearable for my child.

Resonates with People of any Faith and Age

Another admirable aspect of The Invisible Leash is its universal language, which appeals to individuals of various faiths and ages. The messages of enduring love and connection transcend the conventional boundaries of belief systems, offering solace to everyone who reads it.

Aligns With the Original – The Invisible String

Interestingly, The Invisible Leash aligns perfectly with its predecessor – The Invisible String, which talks in-depth about grief and loss in general. While the former successfully addresses the theme in the broad spectrum of human relationships, The Invisible Leash accurately places it in the specific context of pets.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, finding The Invisible Leash was a solace during an emotionally turbulent time in my family’s life. Its universal message, beautifully crafted illustrations, and love-filled story jogged us through the process of pet loss. The seamless alignment with the former version, The Invisible String, makes it a perfect companion book.

Reading this beautiful book brought comfort, understanding, and acceptance to my own family, as it will undoubtedly do for others. The heartfelt messages in this story can truly help to heal the wounded hearts of children and adults alike who have experienced pet loss. I highly recommend it and encourage everyone to grab a copy of The Invisible Leash.

Pros and Cons


  • Explains and contextualizes grief and loss of a pet for kids
  • Beautiful story and nice illustrations
  • Helps kids understand and process the loss of a pet
  • Works for people of any faith
  • Complements The Invisible String story


  • You will cry. A lot.

Key Takeaways

  • The Invisible Leash is a beautiful book for people who have lost a pet.
  • The book helps contextualize grief and loss for children.
  • It has nice illustrations and tells the story of the ongoing connection between the child and pet.
  • The book is for people of any faith and is a nice complement to The Invisible String.