The Best Glass Containers for Bulk Spices; Review of Aozita Spice Containers

After experimenting with various storage options for my bulk spices and home-dried herbs, I finally came across the Aozita Glass Spice Jars.

They not only provide a fashionable and practical storage solution, but also offer an impressive labeling system that adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

In this post, I will share my personal experience using these jars and how they have completely revolutionized my spice storage system.

Fashionable and Functional Glass Spice Jars

The Aozita Glasses are made of real glass, providing significant benefits over plastic alternatives. The glass material retains the purity and aroma of the packed spices, ensuring long-term freshness. The other key feature that really stood out for me is their metal lid.

This is no ordinary lid – the metal has a unique aesthetic appeal, complemented with a good, strong seal that protects the spices from moisture and air, maintaining their quality and potency. It is easy to open and closes securely to keep the spices safe and well-protected.

The Spice Shaker

A remover cap inside the metal lid transforms these jars into a shaker. Just like what you would find in a regular spice container from the supermarket, this functionality makes it possible to easily control the amount of spice you use in your cooking.

The shaker feature shines when you are using bulk spices or dried items from your garden. It gives you the flexibility to fill the jars with your own spices, which I find quite appealing. When I filled them with spices that I bought from a local market, the result was fantastic.

Speaking of filling the jars with spices, the Aozita glass jars come with a small, silicone funnel. While it isn’t the best, it manages to get the job done. Personally, I used a rigid funnel to pack my spices more efficiently.

Packaging and Labeling: Consistency meets Creativity

The jars are meticulously packed to ensure safety and avoid any damage during transportation. Upon unboxing, my attention was grabbed by the comprehensive labeling system that comes with the Aozita jars.

Complete with a chalk pen, this set offers two labeling choices. You can either use the pre-printed labels showcasing common spices or personalize the labels using the chalk pen. It also includes clear labels that give you even more customization options.

This thoughtful feature allows you to maintain a consistent design and labeling system for your spices, adding a touch of style and organization to your kitchen.

Final Verdict: A Must-Have Spice Storage Solution

The Aozita Glass Spice Jars offer an end-to-end solution from filling to display and usage. They proved to be an excellent investment, storing spices in a fashionably secure way while looking fantastic.

Not only did I end up with beautifully labeled jars that helped me easily identify spices, but they also drastically cut down my time during cooking by providing easy access and convenient use through the shaker option.

For anyone looking for an organized, appealing, and efficient spice storage solution, I highly recommend the Aozita Glass Spice Jars.

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Pros and Cons

The product was tested by testing out the seal of the lid, filling it with spices from the market and writing custom labels on the jars.


  • Real glass spice jars
  • Good, strong seal to keep spices well protected
  • Comes with a funnel to fill jars
  • Comes with labels and a chalk pen to write labels
  • Clear labels are included to put on top of jars


  • The funnel included with the product is not the best
  • Labels are limited to common spices

Key Takeaways

  • Ayozida glass jars are great for storing bulk spices and spices from your garden.
  • The jars come with a metal lid with a strong seal.
  • The jars come with shakers for easy use.
  • The jars come with a silicone funnel for easy filling.
  • The jars come with pre-printed labels for common spices.
  • The jars come with clear labels for labeling your own spices.
  • The lid ensures that nothing spills out of the jar.