How to Change Drip Pan on Weber Grill

Hi, I’m Tom from DIY Life Tech, and I am going to walk you through the process of changing the drip pan on your Weber grill. This guide is applicable to different Weber models, including the Genesis, the Spirit, and the Traveler.

I personally have the Genesis II model – so let’s dive right into the process.

Here’s a video showing the process:

Location of the Drip Pan

The location of the drip pan can vary from grill to grill. Depending on your model, it might be tucked away in an interior or closed section.

For my Genesis II, it is easily accessible and exposed under the main body of the grill.

Grill pan and foil liner on my Weber grill

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing your Weber Grill Drip Pan

  1. Slide out the main drip tray under the grill and check if anything has accumulated. In case there is debris, dump it into the trash.
  2. Change the foil drip pan liner. This part is prone to deterioration so replace after every use, once it begins to break down, or according to your usage.
  3. Open the catch and note that there are two parts to this: the replaceable foil liner and underneath that, the more durable grill container which is part of the grill and does not need to be replaced.
  4. First, remove the foil liner and then dump out any shavings or debris from the solid grill container. If you change the aluminum liner frequently, debris shouldn’t accumulate as much.
  5. Give the grill container a thorough clean so it’s ready for the new liner. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just remove any residue that you can.
  6. Next, take a new liner from your pack of aluminum liners for the Weber grill, and insert it into the metal tray.
  7. Safely secure the liner and tray by fastening the clasp back into place.

It makes more sense if you watch my video above!

New drip pan liners

Extra Tips

Letting it go too long without a change can lead to faster degradation due to heat and corrosion from food drippings especially fatty foods like ribs. That’s why I recommend replacing this liner after every grilling session or as needed.

Don’t let yours get this bad!

Regular replacements ensure good grill operations, reduces the risk of a fire hazard, and maintains cleanliness especially if your grill is within reach of pets. My dog Jack used to love sneaking up and licking the grill pan!

Remember, changing the drip pan in your Weber grill is not just for aesthetic purposes, it’s crucial for the life of your grill and for your safety. Happy grilling!

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Key Takeaways

  • Replace the drip pan in your Weber grill liner after each use, or when it starts to break down.
  • The same process applies for the Genesis, Spirit, and Traveler grills.
  • When replacing the drip pan, make sure to throw away any accumulated debris in the metal tray and clean it off the best you can.
  • Replace the aluminum liner with a branded one that has the Weber design.
  • This will help prevent any fire hazards, as well as keep your dog from licking the pan post-grilling.