How to Load Bottles Into Dr Browns Dishwasher Basket

I’m a dad of three kids, which means I use and clean a lot of Dr. Browns bottles (they’re fully dishwasher safe).

Here’s how to disassemble a Doc Browns bottle and place it into the brand’s custom-made bottle holder for your dishwasher.

Having personally used Doc Browns bottles with my own children, I thought it would be helpful to share my insights and advice on how to easily and effectively clean these baby bottles using your dishwasher.

Disassembling the Bottle

Our first task is breaking down the bottle into its constituent parts. Let’s start with the bottle itself. After several uses, I’ve gathered that it’s made up of five key components. These are:

1. The Nipple: Generally, the bottle comes with a size one nipple by default. However, if your child is a bit older, I suggest swapping this out for a bigger one.
2. The Ring: This is the part that holds the nipple in place.
3. The Inner Vent: This plays a crucial role in allowing the bottle to function properly.
4. The Vent: This is equally as important as the inner vent.
5. The Bottle: The main body that holds the liquid.

Preparing the Parts for a Dishwasher Wash

Once we’ve stripped down the bottle into these distinct parts, it’s time to prepare them for a thorough clean in the dishwasher. Utilizing a Doc Browns bottle holder enhances the effectiveness of the wash.

1. Place the inner part of the vent onto its corresponding section on the holder and snap it in place.
2. Fix the ring onto its particular part and ensure it snaps into the holder.
3. Likewise, attach the nipple to its marked spot.
4. Lastly, I typically put the bottle body upright into the holder.

See my video above for the proper placement of each component.

Now at this point, if you possess the lid to the bottle, you could also prepare it for the dishwasher wash. My Doc Browns bottle holders have specific lodgements that securely hold these parts. I’d recommend ensuring all parts are securely fitted to prevent any accidents during the washing phase.

Completing the Dishwasher Loading Process

Once everything’s nicely put together on the holder, proceed to close up the holder securely. This ends up creating a compact and organized load that you can easily place into the dishwashing rack without risking any damage to the parts or the dishwasher itself. With this, your Doc Browns bottle will be appropriately separated and thoroughly cleaned.

In Conclusion

To conclude, this method of cleaning your Doc Browns bottle in a dishwasher is a real life saver, saving you time and ensuring thorough cleanliness consistently.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Doc Browns bottle comes with a size one nipple by default, but you can swap it out for a bigger one.
  • The inside of the vent and the ring snaps into the top part of the bottle.
  • The nipple is put onto the middle part of the bottle.
  • The bottle itself is usually just put upright in the dishwasher.
  • The top can fit either in the top part of the bottle or inside the dishwasher.
  • Make sure to close the dishwasher after you put the bottle in.