REVIEW: Nice N Clean Lens Wipes, Great for Sunglasses and Your Camera

As an individual who regularly used glasses and a camera, I stumbled upon a phenomenal product: Nice N Clean Smudge Guard Lens Cleaners – or as most would call them, lens wipes. Their performance exceeded my expectations, and I believe they’d be useful to anyone with glasses, cameras, smartphones, or anything with lenses.

What are the Nice N Clean Lens Wipes?

These little cleaning wipes, designed to not scratch lenses while efficiently clearing off smudges and fingerprints, are an excellent alternative to moistened paper towels or cloths.

The wipes come in compact, easy-to-carry packs that fit well in purses or cars for quick and convenient use.

They don’t produce lint or dust, like a moistened tissue often does. And they’re easy to throw into your camera bag or purse.

How to Use Nice N Clean Lens Wipes

This section will illustrate how I used a Nice N Clean Lens Wipe to clean my sunglasses. The steps are straightforward and easy to follow:

  1. Open the packet and pull out a wipe.
  2. Unfold the wipe, noting its fair size and moistness. It’s damp but not overly so, which means you won’t contend with a lot of liquid.
  3. Use the wipe on the lens. In my case, I use the wipes for my sunglasses and also my camera lenses.
  4. Let the lens dry off. It typically dries very quickly, which is an additional advantage.

Versatility of Nice N Clean Lens Wipes

What I appreciate about these lens wipes is their versatility. Despite having a preference for using them on my sunglasses, they can be used on any lens or device with an anti-reflective coating such as:

  • Camera lenses
  • Smartphone screens
  • Goggles

They work wonders in eradicating all kinds of dust, fingerprints, and smudges from these items, leaving them looking as good as new.


In conclusion, I personally found Nice N Clean Lens Wipes to be an impressive product, and I recommend them (based on my experience) for anyone looking to maintain clean and scratch-free lenses on various items.
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Key Takeaways

  • Smudge Guard lens cleaners are a great way to clean glasses, cameras, goggles, etc. without scratching the lenses.
  • They come in convenient, small packages that can easily be thrown into a purse or car.
  • The wipes are damp but not overly wet, and dry off quickly.
  • They are effective in removing fingerprints, dust, and smudges.