Review of Axloie Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Today, I’ll be sharing an insightful review of my Axloie Bluetooth speaker. I received this for review purposes from Axloie, and I must say, I am quite impressed with its capabilities.

What is the Axloie Bluetooth Speaker?

The Axloie Bluetooth speaker, also known as the Axloie O2, is a robust external device designed for convenient pairing with any electronic device capable of Bluetooth audio.

It allows for superior audio quality, especially when compared to the small speakers on most phones. This speaker’s portability makes it a fantastic choice for outdoor events, like pool parties or picnics.

Design and Structure

Here’s a brief overview of the speaker’s design and structure:

  • Base: Equipped with a rubberized base, providing stability on any surface.
  • Material: The outer material resembles a rubber-like feel reminiscent of an old school speaker grill.
  • Carrying Strap: Provides aid in carrying the speaker around.
  • Controls: The front-facing controls include a play/pause button, volume controls, and a Bluetooth pairing button.
  • Charging: Can charge using a USB 3 connection. Easy to charge, and you can often use your existing phone charger.

Pairing and Usage

To pair your device, hold down the Bluetooth pairing button for about five seconds to activate device pairing mode, then connect your phone or another device using its Bluetooth. I tested this out by pairing it with my phone to play some Beethoven.

The Axloie speaker’s sound quality is impressive. You can effortlessly increase the volume and pause the music whenever required.

Waterproof Functionality

One of the highlights of this speaker is its waterproof property. It can withstand water up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes, making it a reliable companion for poolside or beach adventures. I tested its waterproof feature by playing Beethoven’s sonata as I soaked the Bluetooth speaker. It continued to play perfectly, proving its excellent waterproof functionality.

See the video I made above.


Overall, the Axloie Bluetooth speaker is a worthy purchase. Its portability, superior sound quality, easy pairing, and exceptional waterproof feature make it an ideal companion for any outdoor event. Whether you’re by the pool or at the beach, this speaker is designed to deliver, worry-free.
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