Can you put AeroGarden in a Window? Real World Test

Can you put your Aerogarden in a window? It’s a question that a lot of new users ask. If some light is good, than surely more light should be better, right?

The short answer is that Aerogarden doesn’t recommend putting your garden in a window, but I’ve personally tried it and it worked fine for me.

Here’s a video about this:

Understanding AeroGarden’s Position on Direct Sunlight

AeroGarden’s official advice against placing your garden in direct sunlight stems from their product design. Their gardens are created to work best within a defined temperature range – ideally no higher than a comfortable room temperature of around 75 degrees.

Exceeding this boundary could potentially hinder your plants’ growth and the overall functionality of the garden. The heat from the sun, amplified by the window, can easily tip the scale past this optimal temperature. Here is why.

AeroGardens are designed so that their built-in lights provide all the necessary illumination your plants need to thrive. Sunlight, while typically beneficial to plants, can compromise this set-up by heating up the garden, thus negatively influencing the optimal growth condition. Due to this, AeroGarden discourages users from placing their gardens in direct sunlight.

My Personal Experience with AeroGarden and Sunlight

Despite the general guidelines laid out by AeroGarden, I found from my experiment that while exposing AeroGardens to direct sunlight was detrimental, indirect sunlight did the exact opposite.

Take, for example, my AeroGarden sitting in the back window of my house. It receives adequate sunlight, but the concentration is pretty diffuse rather than direct, thus keeping the interior temperature regulated.

Under this condition, I observed an impressive growth spurt in my plants, particularly the dill. To put it into perspective, it virtually doubled in size within a week, courtesy of the additional sunlight combined with the garden’s specialized grow lights.

So while the traditional wisdom is to shun the sunlight, my own empirical evidence shows that balanced exposure can potentially boost your plants’ growth drastically. If your window isn’t excessively warm or subjected to direct sunlight, it could be an ideal spot for your AeroGarden.


To conclude, while the conventional advice from AeroGarden discourages placing gardens in direct sunlight, you could still harness the power of indirect sunlight for your plants’ benefit.

However, remember to consider the temperature factor – the key is to place it where it won’t heat up.

Indirect or diffuse sunlight can, therefore, provide that sweet spot for accelerated growth without compromising garden functionality.

However, if your home tends to get hot or you don’t have air conditioning, it’s safer to follow AeroGarden’s advice and keep it away from direct sunlight.

My experience shows that with the right balance, your AeroGarden can enjoy the benefits of natural light. Ultimately, the conditions and environment your AeroGarden is placed in will significantly impact its performance and your plants’ growth.

Key Takeaways

  • AeroGardens should not be placed in a window due to the narrow temperature band they are designed to work in.
  • If you can put your AeroGarden in a window without it heating up, it can give your plants a boost.
  • If the window is very bright or the home does not have air conditioning, do not put the AeroGarden in direct sunlight.
  • For best results, put the AeroGarden in a window with indirect sunlight.