How to Empty Craftsman V20 Handheld Vacuum

Perhaps like many others, I frequently use my Craftsman V20 cordless handheld vacuum to keep my car surroundings clean and free from dust. The compact size and efficiency of this machine never cease to amaze me.

However, after several uses and plenty of dirt sucked up, even this handy machine demands a proper clean-up.

The question that then arises is how to properly empty this device without causing a mess. Luckily, I have found the process to be very simple and straightforward. Before we delve into the steps, however, let’s go over the specifics of the vacuum.

A Glimpse at the Craftsman V20 Vacuum

Craftsman V20 is a cordless handheld vacuum designed to help you get rid of dirt and dust swiftly and effortlessly. It is particularly useful in spaces where a full-sized vacuum cleaner is impractical or cumbersome, such as a car or small office space.

It’s a lightweight, battery-powered device that I have found to be incredibly reliable and user-friendly.

How to Clean the Vacuum: A Step-By-Step Guide

After using this vacuum cleaner numerous times and accumulating an amount of dirt and dust inside of it, I have learned that there’s a systematic method to cleaning it out. Let me walk you through the steps:

Releasing the Front

First, you will notice an ’empty’ button positioned on the top of this machine. Press that button in, and the entire front portion will detach easily. This is where the dust, dirt, and debris are housed.

Removing the Filter

Inside the front portion of your vacuum, you will notice a filter. It is clearly labeled with the instruction “pull to remove”. Doing as instructed, give that filter a firm pull and remove it. Now you have access to the dirt and dust trapped inside the vacuum.

Emptying the Dirt and Dust

After removing the filter, you can simply pour out the accumulated dust, dirt and debris from your vacuum into a trash can. I always make sure to do this over a trash can to avoid any spills or messes.

Re-Installing the Filter

With the compartment now empty, the next step is putting back the filter that we earlier removed. To correctly place it, ensure that the filter’s text is facing upwards before you give it a good, solid push to seat it back inside.

Locking the Front Piece Back

Finally, to secure the front piece back onto the body of the vacuum, you will notice a hole and a corresponding tab. Simply hook the tab into the hole and push until you hear a click. This signifies that the front part of the vacuum has been securely attached. Once this is done, the Craftsman V20 cordless handheld vacuum is ready to go again!

It’s as easy as that! Now you know how to empty and clean the Craftsman V20 cordless handheld vacuum properly – a seamless process that will extend the life and efficiency of this handy tool.

Key Takeaways

  • Press the empty button on the top of the Craftsman V20 cordless handheld vacuum to remove the front piece.
  • Pull out the filter inside the front piece and empty the dust and dirt into a trash can.
  • Make sure the text is facing upwards when placing the filter back in.
  • Hook the front piece back in and click into place.