What is the Best Kind of Water for Aerogardens?

Today I will be answering a question that I often get asked – what is the best kind of water to use with your AeroGarden?

As a keen indoor gardener and a long-term user of the AeroGarden, I’ve done my fair share of experiments with different types of water to find the most suitable one for my AeroGarden plants.

Understanding the AeroGarden Watering System

First, let’s look at how the watering system of the AeroGarden works. The water is poured into the device through a small opening from where it nourishes the roots of the plants. Now, the critical question is, what type of water should you pour in for the optimum growth of the plants?

Why Distilled Water?

According to AeroGarden, the optimal water type to use is, surprisingly, distilled water. You can easily find distilled water at your local grocery store, usually sold in gallon jugs.

Essentially, distilled water is water that has been stripped of virtually all chemicals. Unlike your average bottled water, which often contains electrolytes and other minerals for flavor, distilled water is pure, devoid of all things other than the molecules of H2O.

If you use tap water, you are likely introducing various additives such as chlorine and other minerals and chemicals into your AeroGarden.

Distilled water achieves its purity through distillation, where it gets vaporized, with the resulting vapor condensed into liquid form. This process ensures that it doesn’t contain any unwanted chemicals or minerals.

The primary advantage of using distilled water in your AeroGarden is that it does not leave mineral deposits within the device. Moreover, it doesn’t alter the mineral composition of the plant food.

As a long-time Aerogardener, believe me when I say that a consistent and predictable nutrient balance, like that provided by AeroGarden plant food, is integral for the healthy growth of your indoor plants. Hence, AeroGarden suggests that distilled water is the absolute best choice for your indoor garden.

Considerations with Using Distilled Water

However, there is one notable drawback of using distilled water. You could find yourself having to regularly purchase distilled water, adding to the operating costs. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you decide to rely solely on distilled water for your AeroGarden.

Alternatives for Distilled Water

The good news is, distilled water isn’t the only option. If distilled water just doesn’t seem feasible to you, there are alternatives. If the tap water in your area has a balanced hardness and softness level, it’s perfectly acceptable to use in your AeroGarden without causing any harm to your plants. You can even resort to mixing distilled water with tap water to strike the right balance.

You just may need to clean your Aerogarden more often to prevent mineral buildups. I recently ran a full 90 day Aerogarden grow cycle with tap water and it turned out fine.

So, in summary, the choice of water can range from pure distilled water, to a mix of distilled and tap water, or just tap water, based on your convenience and the local water quality.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your AeroGarden and the plants within thrive, leading to bountiful, healthy crops. Good luck with your indoor gardening journey!

Key Takeaways

  • The best water to use with an AeroGarden is distilled water
  • Distilled water has literally been distilled and has nothing in it at all
  • Distilled water is ideal because it doesn’t leave mineral deposits and won’t change the mineral composition of the plant food
  • If you can’t get distilled water, make sure your tap water isn’t too hard or too soft, or do a mixture of distilled and tap water