Can You Use The Swiffer On Laminate Floors? Real World Demo

Hello, I’m Tom from DIY Life Tech. You may be wondering whether you can use a Swiffer on your laminate floors.

I will share with you my hands-on experience to help answer this question.

My Laminate Floors

First and foremost, let me describe the condition of my laminate floors. They look very realistic, which I’m very appreciative of, and are in excellent shape – well-sealed, no cracks or damage, and waterproof. Y

Yes, waterproof! A feature that is common in most laminate floor designs, and that’s helpful if I want to mop the floors.

Using Swiffer on Laminate Floors

Just over the horizon, you’ll see the various Swiffer products – dry pads, wet pads, and the wet jet. As a user of all these Swiffer types, I can assure you that they all perform remarkably well, even on laminate floors.

Using the Swiffer Sweeper on my laminate floors

Swiffer Dry Pads

Whether it’s getting rid of dust or giving your laminate floors a quick clean, Swiffer dry pads are a perfect fit. I use them on my laminate floors at least once per week.

Swiffer Wet Pads and Wet Jet

As long as your laminate floors are perfectly sealed, waterproof laminate as is the case with mine, the wet pads and wet jet options will work a treat.

I generally use these on my floors at least once per month, or when I spill something sticky/hard to clean up. They’re also great when my dog leaves a “present” on the laminate 🙂

Performance Comparison: Laminate vs. Wood

Compared to wood floors, Swiffer products perform excellently on laminate surfaces. Judging from my personal experience, I worry less about my laminate floor’s durability, thanks in part to its water sealing and robust nature.

Even if something abrasive (like a bit of sand) gets stuck on the bottom of the Swiffer pad, I find it won’t scratch the laminate.

Bottom Line

Here’s the key takeaway: as long as your laminate floors have a proper seal and are waterproof, you can use not only the Swiffer dry pads, but also the wet pads too.

Your experience may vary, but from my end, I find the Swiffer product line really performs well on laminate floors.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can use the Swiffer on laminate floors, as long as they are fully sealed and waterproof.
  • The Swiffer works great for dust and you can also use the wet pads or wet jet.
  • Laminate floors are more durable than wood floors, so you can use the wet jet wood version on it.
  • Your mileage may vary, so make sure your laminated floors are fully sealed and waterproof.