How to Start the Miele 5006 Dishwasher


If you’re someone who has just purchased a Miele 5006 dishwasher and needs a hand figuring out how to use it, then this guide is tailor-made for you. Let’s take a look at how to start the Miele 5006 dishwasher, based on my personal usage experience.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Miele 5006 Dishwasher

1. Load Your Dishwasher

Start by loading your Miele 5006 with all your dishes. Make sure they’re arranged in a way that allows the water to reach all areas.

2. Insert the Cleaning Tab

Next, insert your cleaning tab. I personally prefer using the official Miele ultra tabs. They effectively clean dishes and also have a built-in rinse aid feature. Remember to dry your hands before handling the tablet.

  • Grab a tablet.
  • Place it directly into the holder.

Now, close the tablet holder. It’s on the inside of the dishwasher door. You know it’s correctly closed when you hear a click.

3. Close the Dishwasher’s Door

After inserting the cleaning tab, close the dishwasher’s door.

4. Power it On

Power on your Miele 5006 by pressing the power button. You may need to press it a couple of times to get it working.

5. Select the Appropriate Cycle

Once the display has lit up, it’s time to select your cycle.

  • Try out the quick intense wash. In my experience, it cleans just as effectively as long cycles on traditional dishwashers in about an hour.
  • If you need to sanitize items, like baby bottles, use the sani setting.
  • The normal or the pot setting is also available.

In my personal view, the quick intense setting delivers the best results.

6. Start the Cycle

Finally, we are ready to start. Press the blinking Start button and your Miele 5006 will get going.


The Miele 5006 is a versatile dishwasher that works great if you know how to use it properly. Follow these steps for a seamless dishwashing experience. Happy washing!
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Key Takeaways

  • Make sure your hands are dry before inserting the cleaning tab into the holder.
  • Press the power button a few times to get the dishwasher started.
  • The Quick Intense wash is the best setting on the Miele 5006 and cleans just as well as a long cycle in an hour.
  • Use the Sani setting, Normal setting, or Pot setting as needed.
  • Once all settings are selected, press the blinking Start button to get the dishwasher going.