How to Use the Swiffer Power Mop

The Swiffer Power Mop is an awesome new floor-cleaning device from Swiffer. It’s a bit like a Swiffer Wetjet, but with a larger pad that’s better equipped for scrubbing.

If you’re familiar with existing Swiffers, you might be wondering how to use the new Power Mop.

Here’s a guide, based on my testing. The best bet is to watch this video that I made about it, but you can follow along with the specifics below, too.

Setting Up Your Swiffer Power Mop

Before we begin, consider the following preliminary steps:

  • Ensure you have all the necessary parts of the Power Mop, including the cleaning solution and mop pad.
  • If you haven’t set up your Power Mop pad, remember to use the Power Mop pads specifically, as the traditional Swiffer pads will not fit.
  • Ensure fresh batteries are in the unit to optimise its function. The mop’s battery life is impressively long-lasting.
  • Install the Swiffer Power Mop Bottle, install batteries in the Power Mop, and place a cleaning pad on the Power Mop

Upon completing these steps, you’re ready to begin your cleaning session.

Install the cleaning solution and batteries

Using Your Swiffer Power Mop

To use the Power Mop:

  1. Place the mop pad on the floor.
  2. Press the button on the handle, which dispenses the cleaning solution. It sprays to about approximately three feet in front of the mop.
  3. Mop up the cleaning solution. A few strokes back and forth should do the trick, especially for stubborn stains.
Press the handle button to dispense cleaning solution

One important feature to note is the Power Mop’s 360-degree swivel. By turning the handle, you can pivot the mop head to reach those small, tricky surfaces efficiently. This pivoting feature also allows you to clean underneath countertops and furniture with ease.

For more challenging stains, utilize the mop’s special grip area, which is about 1/3 of the way down the handle. This provides extra pressure and lets you scrub with ease, ensuring an effective clean.

Push on the lower handle for harder scrubbing

After Cleaning

Post-cleaning, remove the used mop pad by standing on the edge of it and pulling it off gently, or simply lifting the mop up and pulling the pad off by hand. You may also occasionally need to reset the plastic piece holding the pad.

I like to use my foot to help remove the pad so I don’t have to touch it

Once removed, these pads can be recycled or discarded. With their large mopping pieces, they can often be used more than once, depending on the extent of dirt accumulation.

Final Thoughts

The Swiffer Power Mop provides a comprehensive cleaning solution for various household surfaces, especially in high-traffic areas like the kitchen. Its unique features and functionality make it a practical and efficient choice for maintaining clean floors.

I love the new model of Power Mop, and I find it’s fast replacing my Wetjet!

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Key Takeaways

  • You will need the Swiffer Power Mop pad for the Power Mop to work.
  • Make sure to have fresh batteries in the Power Mop before using.
  • Press the button on the handle to spray cleaning solution.
  • Use the 360 degree swivel to get into tight surfaces.
  • Use the second handle to add pressure when scrubbing tough stains.
  • Remove the pad by standing on the edge and pulling the Power Mop up.
  • Sign up for the Swiffer website’s free recycling program.