How to Change Cleaning Solution Bottle on Swiffer Power Mop

Today, I’m going to guide you through swapping out the detergent or cleaning bottle on your Swiffer Power Mop.

Removing the Old Bottle

It’s incredibly straightforward to change the bottle when the detergent runs out. Just to demonstrate, I’ll walk you through the process even though my mop still has some cleaning solution left.

  • Locate the eject button on your Power Mop.
  • Press the button to eject the old cartridge.
  • Simply lift the released cartridge to remove it.
  • You can now safely discard this empty cartridge.
Press the Eject button

Installing the New Bottle

Once you’ve removed the old bottle, it’s time to install the new one.

  • Position the bottle into the holder on the mop.
  • Push the bottle in until it locks in place. You will hear a gentle ‘click’ to confirm that it is secure.
Press until it clicks

How to Test Your Installation

Now, we’re going to just ensure it’s correctly installed:

  • Just press the button on the handle.
  • Check whether the cleaning solution sprays out on pressing the button. It indeed should if installed correctly.

You’re all set if the spray comes out as expected. Congratulations, you’ve changed the cleaning solution bottle on your Swiffer Power Mop successfully.

Wrap up

Being able to replace your cleaning solution bottle in the Swiffer Power Mop enables you to keep your cleaning tool effective for longer. Enjoy a hassle-free cleaning experience with your Power Mop now! I hope this guide simplified the process for you. Happy cleaning!

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Key Takeaways

  • Press the eject button on the Power Mop to pop out the old cartridge.
  • Lift the old cartridge and discard it.
  • Put the new cartridge into the holder and push it in until it locks in place.
  • Press the button on the handle to test the cleaning solution spray.