Swiffer Power Mop vs Wetjet, Side to Side Comparison and Test

In this blog post, we will compare two Swiffer products: PowerMop and the original WetJet. We’ll explore the key differences between these two popular floor cleaning devices.

Differences in Cleaning Pads

One of the main differences you’ll notice between the two Swiffer models is the cleaning pads.

  • PowerMop: The PowerMop’s pad is noticeably larger, allowing you to clean larger surface areas with each pass. Its design mimics a Swiffer duster, and it features small, absorbent pieces, making it ideal for scrubbing and absorbing larger messes.
  • WetJet: The WetJet model has a flat style absorbent pad which works well for minor spills and dirt specks but lacks a proper mop-like surface.
The Power Mop’s pad has deeper cleaning bristles

Comparison of the Cleaning Solution

The Wetjet has a bigger solution bottle

Upon inspection, the PowerMop and the WetJet’s cleaning solution seem to be essentially the same based on smell and ingredient list. The actual difference lies within the volume of cleaning solution each model carries:

PowerMop750 ml
WetJet1,250 ml

Difference in Battery Use

The PowerMop uses two AA batteries while the WetJet requires four. Despite the difference in the battery usage, I found the pump on the PowerMop more powerful.

You’ll find the battery compartment on the back of the Swiffer Power Mop

Spray Comparison

I tested the spray action of both models. The PowerMop sprays farther, covering a larger surface area, while the WetJet doesn’t spray as far.

Performance Test

Upon conducting a side-by-side cleaning test, here are my findings:

  • PowerMop: Ideal for harder stains which require scrubbing. The mop insert combined with the ability to apply greater force makes it ideal for tougher cleaning tasks.
  • WetJet: Works better for surface-level bits of dirt.
You can use the second grip on the Power Mop to add force for cleaning deeper stains

Final Verdict

Both the PowerMop and the WetJet are excellent floor cleaning devices. The PowerMop, with its larger clean surface area and its better scrubbing capacity, offers an improved experience.

However, the WetJet, which performs well on simple cleaning tasks, is still a reliable and satisfactory choice. While I have years of experience using the WetJet, the PowerMop’s reliability remains to be evaluated over time. Regardless, both models are a great solution for your floor cleaning needs.

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Key Takeaways

  • The PowerMop cleaning pad is bigger than the WetJet pad and has little individual absorbent pieces, making it easier to scrub the floor and get out tough stains.
  • The cleaning solution for both devices is very similar.
  • The PowerMop uses two AA batteries and the WetJet uses four.
  • The PowerMop has a more powerful pump that sprays further than the WetJet.
  • The PowerMop is better for scrubbing hard stains while the WetJet is better for surface level dirt.
  • The PowerMop is a newer and more improved device but the WetJet is still reliable.