How to Open Fuel Door/Gas Cap on Chrysler Pacifica Minivan

Today, I’ll be guiding you through the process of opening the gas door on your Chrysler Pacifica.

For context, I own a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, which doesn’t need fuel often, but when it does, locating the fuel door release can be a tad tricky.

Here’s a simple way to figure it out. I made a view showing the process, too.

Locating the Gas Door Release

Unexpectedly, the fuel door release is situated on the side of the door. It’s not immediately conspicuous, but once you get the hang of it, it’s simple. Here’s how to reach it:

  1. Look down towards the side of the left (driver’s side) door. You’re looking for the little compartment under the door handle and window control buttons.
  2. Find the gas door release button. It’s small and has a little gas symbol on it.
  3. Press the button. You should hear a small click, indicating that it is “ready to refuel”.
The gas cap release button is on the driver’s side door on the Chrysler Pacifica

Refueling and After

With the fuel door now open, go ahead and refuel. It’s convenient to know that the fuel door lid will remain open on the side of the car until you’re done. However, don’t forget to manually close the fuel door once you’ve refinished refueling.

The fuel door is on the driver’s side in the Chrysler Pacifica.

Here’s the full process again:

1Locate the release button on the side of the door.
2Press the button to open the fuel door.
3Refuel your vehicle.
4Don’t forget to manually close the door after refueling.

Wrapping up

And that’s it! Despite its somewhat concealed location, opening the fuel door on a Chrysler Pacifica Minivan is easy once you know where to find the release button. I hope this guide has been useful in navigating the fuel door mechanics of your Chrysler Pacifica Minivan, as it is based on my personal experience with this exact vehicle model. Stay tuned for more vehicle tips!