How to Use a Safemark Hotel Safe; Demo From a Traveler

Guests of hotels, resorts, or any other kind of accommodation that offers a Safemark hotel room safe may wonder how to use this important amenity to keep their valuables secure.

In this blog, we will guide you step-by-step on how to effectively utilize a Safemark hotel safe to provide protection for your belongings.

Here’s a demo video that I made.

Unlocking the Safe

The first step with your Safemark hotel safe is to unlock it. Normally, these safes are kept unlocked for the convenience of the guests. Once open, place your valuable items that you wish to protect inside the safe. These could be anything from your precious jewellery to wallets or any object dear to you.

Locking the Safe

Follow these steps to lock your safe:

  1. Close the safe.
  2. Enter a chosen four-digit code. Note that this code should be easy for you to remember but tough for others to guess.
  3. Press the Lock button.
  4. Keep the safe’s door pressed and make a quick check to ensure it is locked.

Note: The safe’s screen will display your code another time for confirmation.

Unlocking the Safe

To unlock your safe and retrieve your belongings, simply re-enter your chosen code. Most models will allow you to use the same code unless the locking procedure is repeated.

Forgetting the Code

Don’t panic if you forget your code. The front desk of your accommodation usually has a method of unlocking the safe. However, it’s best not to depend on this, and instead, remember your code.

Keeping Your Valuables Secure

It’s that simple to use a Safemark hotel room safe. Just remember to select a memorable code, and always recheck your safe is locked after every use. Using these safes is an excellent way to provide extra security for your valuables while staying at a hotel or other accommodation.

If you have anything of higher value, though, it’s best to store it with the front desk. Hotels generally limit their responsibility for losses to a relatively small amount, even if you use the room safe. If you’re traveling with a bunch of gold doubloons or jewels, leave them with the front desk!

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