These 5 Swiffer Hacks Will Make You an Instant Cleaning Genius

For many of us, cleaning is a necessary chore, but not something we look forward to. However, with the right tools and tricks up our sleeve, it can become a breeze.

One such tool that has revolutionized cleaning is the Swiffer. This handy gadget is not only easy to use but also quite versatile.

Here, we’ll explore five Swiffer hacks that will not only save you time but will elevate your cleaning game to genius levels.

1. Extend Your Reach:

Add a broomstick to quickly extend your Swiffer’s reach

A Swiffer is a great tool to clean floors, but did you know it can also help you clean hard-to-reach, high-up areas?

Extend its handle by attaching a longer pole or broomstick. You can either tape your Swiffer’s handle to the broom handle, or remove the green part of the Swiffer handle (press in the little gray button) and simply stick it into a metal broom handle.

Now, you can easily dust off cobwebs from ceilings or clean the tops of cabinets without needing a ladder.

2. Reusable Pads:

Add a microfiber cloth for an instant, reusable Swiffer pad

Swiffer refills can get expensive over time. A budget-friendly and eco-conscious alternative is to use reusable microfiber cloths instead.

Just cut them to size, and attach them to the Swiffer head. They can be washed and reused many times, saving both your wallet and the environment.

3. DIY Cleaning Solution:

Don’t feel like running to the store for Swiffer WetJet solution? Make your own at home using equal parts water, white vinegar, and a few drops of essential oils for a pleasant fragrance.

You can also make your own cleaning solution with a floor-safe soap like Murphy Oil Soap. I love to refill my Swiffer bottles with a diluted solution of this nice-smelling soap for cleaning my wood floors.

Here’s a video showing my process for refilling WetJet bottles.

4. Pet Hair Collector:

If you have pets, you know the struggle of keeping fur off your floors, and your furniture. A dry Swiffer cloth can work wonders to pick up pet hair.

Don’t bother putting the cloth onto your Swiffer Sweeper. Instead, just run it by hand over a fur-covered surface, and watch it magically grab the fur and hang onto it.

Why does this hack work so well? Swiffer pads have an electrostatic charge. That makes them highly effective at picking up pet hair, which tends to attract static electricity of its own.

5. Window Washer:

Your Swiffer can also double as a window washer. Attach a microfiber cloth sprayed lightly with glass cleaner to the Swiffer head. Now you can easily clean the inside and outside of your windows without the need for extra tools.

You can also use a dry Swiffer pad to clean the areas around skylights or other high-up windows.

With these Swiffer hacks, cleaning around the house will become less of a challenge and more of a joy. You’ll save time, money, and reduce waste, all while keeping your living spaces sparkling clean. So, the next time you pick up your Swiffer, remember these tricks to clean smarter, not harder.

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