Have You Seen This Amazing “Double Swiffer” Hack? It Will Change How You Clean

Hey there, folks, it’s me, Tom from DIY Life Tech, and today I have something special for you. I want to introduce you to a brilliant double Swiffer hack that you can use to clean cobwebs off your ceilings, windows, or anywhere else that’s usually tricky to reach.

You’ll need two Swiffers for this operation. So without further ado, let’s dive into the process. Here’s a video I made walking through it.

Step-by-Step Instructions to The Double Swiffer Hack

Firstly, to effectively utilize this hack, let’s take note of our necessary tools and steps involved:

Tools Needed:

  • 2 Swiffer Sweepers or Swiffer XLs


  1. Detach the cleaning piece (the one that holds the cloth) from your second Swiffer.
  2. Remove the handle from the second Swiffer.
  3. Now, you have an ‘extra piece’ of Swiffer tubing.
  4. Then take off the cleaning piece from the first Swiffer.
  5. Combine your ‘extra piece’ with the cleaning head of your first Swiffer. Remove one segment of the handle from your first Swiffer to make it fit.
  6. Connect the modified extra handle piece to the first Swiffer.

By following these 6 simple steps, voila, we’ve successfully nearly doubled the reach of your Swiffer!

Cleaning Hack In Action

So now, armed with your brand-new extended Swiffer, let it work its magic. Be it the cobwebs lurking in the high corners of your house, dusty window panes, or even crusty ceiling fans, your double Swiffer is up to the task.

Extend your reach, targeting those previously unreachable nooks and corners and enjoy your spick and span environment.

After you’re done with your super cleaning spree, guess what? You can effortlessly revert back to your regular-sized Swiffers! Just detach the extra piece of tubing, reassemble your Swiffers, and you’re good to go.

In Conclusion

There you have it! A simple yet effective double Swiffer hack to reach those commonly overlooked and hard-to-reach areas. Easy to do and efficient to use – that’s a win-win situation. Cleaning high surfaces should no longer be a task you dread but rather, one you conquer with your super-extended Swiffer. Happy cleaning, folks!