How to Set up Swiffer Duster, a Simple Guide

The Swiffer Duster is a great cleaning tool, but it can be a little hard to assemble. If you’re having trouble setting it up, you’re not alone! Here’s the simple process for unboxing and assembling your Swiffer Duster.

You might want to watch this video that quickly walks you through the steps, too. I made it recently.

What Comes Out of the Swiffer Duster Box?

When you first open your Swiffer Duster, you’ll find three main parts:

  • The yellow handle
  • The large piece with rabbit-ear-shaped ends
  • The actual Swiffer Duster

Setting Up Your Swiffer Duster

Now, let’s get your Swiffer Duster set up, ready for use. This process is quite straightforward.

Step 1: Align the Notch and the Tab

Locate the little notch inside the yellow handle and the small tab on the white part of the ‘rabbit ears’ piece. Align these two and press them together until they click. Your handle is now ready.

Step 2: Prepare the Duster Attachment

Shake the Swiffer Duster attachment to fluff it out, put it on the handle, ensuring the pieces are coming out nicely.

Step 3: Attach the Ears to the Duster

On the back of the duster, notice two little slots. Insert the “rabbit ears” into these slots and pull it through- they will slide down to the end of the duster.

Your Swiffer Duster is now set up and ready to help you dust your surfaces.

Step 4: After Dusting

Once you finish dusting, you can unhook the duster from the handle by pulling it off. It’s not necessary to dismantle the handle after every use. I typically leave mine set up between dusting sessions. The used duster can then be thrown away or recycled, as preferred.