Good patio heaters can extend your enjoyment of your outdoor space well into the Winter

Amazon Basics makes a great heater that's simple, and gets the job done.

It can be a bit tough to light, but once it's going it heats well, with 46,000 BTUs of heat output.

The Sunjoy propane heater is similar, but feels a bit higher-end with its colors and finishes.

Again, you won't find fancy bells and whistles, but the Sunjoy heater does a great job of heating my patio.

Fire Senses makes a popular electric patio heater. It uses 1500 watts and heats with infrared.

There have been some reports of reliability issues, but Fire Sense apparently resolves them quickly.

Bromic makes super high-end heaters that are used in many Silicon Valley restaurants

They use propane and a radiant infrared panel, allowing them to heat 180 square feet of patio and to run for 9+ hours

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