The Best Stuff For Your Winter Patio

The Hanizi Bird Feeder is inexpensive and brings hundreds of birds to my yard

You can install it in about 5 minutes, and it's pretty good at keeping squirrels out

The Weber Genesis II is a fantastic grill, made almost entirely of stainless steel

It's super easy to light and control, and has three burners

It also has a really big grill surface so you can cook for a crowd

The Sunjoy heater is just like the ones you find at restaurants

At 47,000 BTUs it heats up a really large area of your patio or outdoor dining table

The Cedarcraft Planter lets you grow herbs and veggies all year round in mild climates

I'm growing celery in January!

You can even grow strawberries in the planter

The best part? It's self-watering, so you only need to water it every 1-2 weeks in the Winter

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