Tide To Go Pens: Real World Test on Tomato Sauce Stain

Introduction: Tide-Go Sticks for Stain Removal

Tide-Go sticks are designed to remove stains from fabric without having to wash the entire garment. This might sound impossible, but in this blog post we will put Tide-Go sticks to the test with a real-world stain. Are they really as effective as they claim to be?

Testing Tide-Go Sticks on Tomato Sauce Stains

To test the effectiveness of the Tide-Go stick, we used a piece of fabric with a small tomato sauce stain – a common occurrence, especially for families with kids who love spaghetti. Tomato sauce is a tough stain to remove, making it an excellent candidate for our Tide-Go stick trial.

Upon opening the Tide-Go stick, you’ll notice that it resembles a pen. To use it, press the pen into the stain to release the stain-fighting solution. Rub the Tide-Go stick into the stain repeatedly, using the pen’s tip to help lift the stain from the fabric.

After spending some time rubbing the Tide-Go stick into the stain, the fabric will be damp with the stain-fighting solution, but the stain itself should appear less prominent. In our trial, the tomato sauce stain wasn’t completely removed, but it was significantly lighter than before we used the Tide-Go stick.

Designed as a pre-treatment for laundry, Tide-Go sticks are not intended to remove 100% of a stain, but rather to make stains less visible until you can wash the garment. In a situation where you spill something on yourself while on the go, the Tide-Go stick can conveniently reduce the appearance of the stain quickly.

Tide-Go Sticks: Great for Food Stains, Not So Much for Ink

It’s important to note that Tide-Go sticks are designed specifically for food-related stains, such as coffee, tea, wine, spaghetti sauce, and barbecue sauce. They don’t work well on grease or ink stains, so if you spill a pen or your child doodles on your clothing with a permanent marker, you’ll need to explore other stain removal options.

Conclusion: Tide-Go Sticks Are a Handy Tool for Food Stains

Overall, we were impressed with how quickly the Tide-Go stick reduced the appearance of the tomato sauce stain. In about 45 seconds, the stain went from being quite noticeable to almost invisible. While it may not completely remove every stain, the Tide-Go stick is a handy tool for temporarily alleviating messy situations on the go.

Next time you face an unexpected food stain, keep a Tide-Go stick on hand, and you’ll be prepared to tackle the mess with ease.

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Key Takeaways

  • Tide-Go sticks are designed to remove a stain from fabric without having to actually wash the fabric.
  • To use the Tide-Go stick, press the stick to release the stain-fighting solution and rub it into the stain.
  • The Tide-Go stick is effective at removing basic stains such as coffee, tea, wine, spaghetti sauce, barbecue sauce, etc.
  • The Tide-Go stick is not effective for removing stains such as grease, ink, permanent marker, etc.
  • The Tide-Go stick can remove a stain in about 45 seconds.